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Reverse sun damage in no time!
  • Every day, we're exposed to harmful UV rays that may cause an overproduction of melanin pigments in patches on the face (commonly known as melasma). Pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, and skin inflammation can also trigger skin discoloration.

  • Reverse the damage with Skin Philosophie's revolutionary 2-step Melasma Treatment, which includes a Vascular Laser and TCA Peel!

A skin assessment will be conducted prior to the procedure to ensure that the treatment is safe for your skin type.

  • The Vascular Laser reduces pigment formation and recurrence by targeting blood vessels that cause melasma.

  • Complemented this is a TCA peel, which lifts away the dull layer of the skin to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.

  • The skin usually takes 3 to 7 days to peel completely. Melanin-producing cells are also sloughed away, making it more effective than micro-exfoliation.

  • Depending on the depth of the melasma, one session may be enough to completely subdue the discoloration. Should you require more than one, the next round can be done 4 to 6 weeks after the first visit.

  • It's recommended to have the Vascular Laser done first followed by the TCA Peel a week or two later. You may consult with the clinic for more treatment options.

  • Skin Philosophie is run by UK-trained Aesthetic Dermatologist, Dr. Kyla Talens. We personally love the luxe boutique feel their clinic gives off and the way their professional medical team immediately makes you feel at ease, whether it's your first or nth time to visit.

  • Flaunt a spotless face with this steal! Redeem it as early as this week.

Contact Info

3/F B3 Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue cor. Lane P
BGC, Taguig
(02) 856 7451
(02) 215 8080
(0917) 890 6800
(0993) 863 7595

Redemption Hours: Sundays to Fridays, 10AM - 9PM
(Last appointment will be at 7PM)


  • One (1) coupon is valid for one (1) Session of the 2-Step Melasma Treatment (Vascular Laser and TCA Peel).
  • Redeemable Sundays to Fridays from April 23, 2018 to July 23, 2018 at Skin Philosophie B3 Bonifacio High Street. Not valid on Saturdays. For declared holidays, best to check with the branch first if they are open on a declared holiday and have available schedules before purchasing. Latest appointment will be accommodated at 7PM.
  • Skin Philosophie will strictly honor a maximum of only two (2) coupons/Gift Vouchers under one name, regardless if given as a gift, bought for oneself or transferred.
  • Not advisable for pregnant and/or lactating women, patients with sunburns, active peeling, infection/inflammation/irritation on the face other than acne, patients with open wounds on the face, patients on oral isotretinoin or have taken it in the last 6-12 months, those with diabetes and other wound- healing disorders, those who are keloidal or prone to scarring, those with auto-immune disorders, those with severe hypersensitivity/allergies, those who have thick & coarse facial hair on the desired treatment site that must not be shaved eg. beard, those who have undergone a chemical/ mechanical peel 2-4 weeks before either of the two treatments, those using strong exfoliating or whitening products a few days before the treatment, those who have photosensitivity, those who have had an episode of epilepsy triggered by light, and those subject to extreme sun exposure 2-4 weeks before and after the treatment.
  • Reservations are required at least one (1) day before desired date of visit. Subject to availability. Book the soonest to get your preferred slot. To aid in redemption, please inform them that you are using a Deal Grocer coupon. Failure to come on time will shorten the time dedicated for the entire process. Cancellations of reservations may be made without penalty at least one (1) day before booked schedule, via phone call, or coupon is forfeited. Please secure an acknowledgement of cancellation from Skin Philosophie's staff. No-shows and failure to show proof of cancellation will render coupon forfeited and will not be allowed to rebook without any proof of cancellation.
  • E-coupon & a valid government-issued ID are required upon redemption. No name changes will be accommodated. If coupon will be transferred, a valid ID of the coupon owner has to be presented together with the e-coupon when redeeming the service.
  • Inclusive of applicable taxes and charges. Not valid for cash back. Nonrefundable. Not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts including Senior Citizen, Diplomat or PWD.

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2-Step Melasma Treatment: Vascular Laser + TCA Peel

Skin Philosophie
Lighten those discolored skin patches on your face with this combination of treatments.

₱3,400 (from ₱7,000)
51% OFF

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