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Relaxation and pain relief rolled into one!
  • Overwhelmed by your hectic schedule? Give your body (and mind!) a much-needed break at Shanti Ayurveda.

  • Their 45-Minute Abhyanga and 45-Minute Patra Pinda Sweda will relieve any symptoms of stress in just one visit.

  • The holistic Abhyanga Massage is performed by 2 skilled Ayurveda therapists who synchronize their movements to remove accumulated stress, fatigue, and toxins. They use warmed up Ayurvedic oils infused with special herbs to restore balance and nourish the body.

    • The oils have an added benefit of boosting the skin's radiance.
    • This technique is a gentle form of massage that does not include pressing, kneading, or hard pounding on the body.
  • The Patra Pinda Sweda Treatment is a sudation (sweat inducing) process that expel toxins, fatigue, and aches from your bones, joints, and nervous system.

    • It uses medicinal leaves processed in medicated oil. The leaves are made into balls and dipped into the warm oil before being applied to the body.
    • The treatment relieves body and muscle pain, arthritis, cramps, neuritis, neurological disorders, sciatica, spondylosis, sprains, and sports injuries.
  • Have a herbal steam and hot shower to finish on a soothing note.

  • Shanti Ayurveda is a center for healing, balancing, and transformation. It offers a comprehensive approach towards health restoration and rejuvenation. Traditional and authentic methods from Kerala, known as the land of Ayurveda, are practiced.

  • Pause and take a breath. Your Ayurvedic healing awaits! Stock up and have it done for 10 consecutive days for maximum results.

Contact Info

56 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City
(02) 952 1845
(0917) 849 9830

Redemption Hours:
Daily, 9AM - 6PM
(Last appointment will be at 4PM)

  • One (1) coupon is valid for one (1) session of a 45-Minute Abhyanga and 45-Minute Patra Pinda Sweda.
  • Redeemable from January 22, 2018 to April 22, 2018 at Shanti Ayurveda. Last appointment will be at 4PM.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and women on their monthly period. Offer does not include consultation with Ayurvedic doctor but is strongly suggested especially if you are medically compromised. For those with or without any health issues, Ayurvedic Doctor may recommend suitable package according to your body type and health concerns. If client is not eligible for the treatment, coupon is nonrefundable but transferable.
  • Reservations are required at least two (2) days before desired date of visit. Subject to availability. Book the soonest to get your preferred slot. To aid in redemption, please inform them that you are using a Deal Grocer coupon. Cancellations of reservations may be made without penalty at least one (1) day before booked schedule, via phone call, otherwise coupon is forfeited.
  • E-coupon & a valid government-issued ID are required upon redemption. No name changes will be accommodated. If coupon will be transferred, a valid ID of the coupon owner has to be presented together with the e-coupon when redeeming the service.
  • Inclusive of applicable taxes and charges. Not valid for cash back. Nonrefundable. Not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts including Senior Citizen, Diplomat or PWD.

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45-Minute Abhyanga and 45-Minute Patra Pinda Sweda

Shanti Ayurveda
Experience 90 minutes of pure Ayurvedic healing for mind and body.

₱2,875 (from ₱5,000)
43% OFF

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