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Romantic Retreats

Sublime spots for quality time with your special someone.

Romance is an important part of a relationship, and spending some quality time with your special someone is one way of rekindling this love and passion for each other. But romantic gestures don’t have to be in a grand scale all the time, nor do they have to be expensive. Simple activities and small, thoughtful gestures count for a lot. But if you really want to be alone with your significant other, away from the hustle and bustle of your regular days, then a retreat might just be the thing you need.

Good thing that Deal Grocer has a lot to offer in this regard. We have partners in the hospitality industry that provide stellar service together with their topnotch facilities. You can pick from destinations in and around Metro Manila or fly somewhere farther away to really escape the rush of the city and forget about the outside world for a while. Deal Grocer’s carefully curated list of romantic getaways also include hotels, resorts, and seaside destinations, all the more to suit your tastes as a couple.

For those who can’t be away for too long, there are a lot overnight packages, complete with meals and other luxurious and relaxing activities, that you can choose from our catalogue. For those who have the luxury of time, various three-day, two-night stays await you -- perfect for a truly idyllic vacation with your sweetheart. We guarantee that you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable experience, from the time you purchase your preferred package until you come back from your trip, refreshed and more in love than ever!

Deal Grocer loves providing you with premium yet affordable offerings, just as much as you love your partner, so check back here often to discover some truly wonderful destinations for your vacation for two.