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Endless portions of food, fun, and bonding.

There's no arguing that when it comes to eating out, buffets offer the some of the best deals for your money. The variety of choices alone make up for the price you pay and when you consider the facts that there's no need to worry about the final cost when you get the bill and that good food is always a nice backdrop for fun bonding experiences, then buffets truly make for a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. Deal Grocer is here to offer you just that and so much more!

Choose from a variety of cuisines -- from traditional Filipino food to Spanish fusion, from all-American fare to Japanese cookery -- and delectable desserts like fresh fruits, cakes and pastries, and more sweet treats. There's something to suit every palate here at Deal Grocer. You can also pick between lunch or dinner buffets so you can enjoy filling meals at the time you choose. And you don't even need a reason to eat sumptuously -- celebrate life’s milestones, reminisce with old friends, rekindle new relationships, enjoy some quality time with the family, or simply indulge in comforting flavors of delicious food. Whatever it may be, generous servings of delicious dishes will help make these occasions feel even more special.

Stay updated with the latest buffet deals from Deal Grocer by regularly checking this page. We always add new deals, whether it’s a new promo from our long-time partners or a not-so-secret restaurant that you haven’t tried yet. Trust us when we say that every acclaimed buffet deal we post on our listings is guaranteed to give you excellent food and stellar service, without burning a hole in your pockets.

So go ahead. Nourish your body and soul with sumptuous meals. Take your pick from our various bargain buffet deals and enjoy delicious dishes to your heart’s content.