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Wilson's Place

From the same group behind Balay Indang and Yoki's Farm comes this colorful bed and breakfast in Tagaytay: Wilson's Place. It sits on a 3,000-square meter summer home that's been converted to a private 13-room B&B.

Quirky, cozy, and equipped with a gorgeous blue-hued pool, it's especially suited for travelers who prefer a homier atmosphere to typical hotel stays. To complement your stay, guests are treated to delicious home-cooked food and pretty little nooks and crannies well-suited for a relaxing holiday!

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Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay
(0915) 864 5706
(0917) 634 8418

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About Wilson's Place

From the owners of the famous Balai Indang and Yoki’s Farm comes their latest property, a 3,000 square meter summer home in Tagaytay that has been converted into a cozy bed and breakfast – a well-kept secret known only to a select few until now. Wilson’s Place combines delicious Balai Indang home cooking with select pieces of art from Yoki’s collection for a truly zen-like vacation experience that’s ideal for:

Wedding parties: If you’re getting married in Tagaytay, Wilson’s is a great place to house your groom and his entire entourage, as well as some of your other friends who may want to experience a bit of the city before the big day.

Families: Family reunions, big or small, can be accommodated easily. Wilson’s Place has 13 available guest rooms so that your entire clan can come together to celebrate a milestone, or just spend a long weekend together.

Couples on holiday: At Wilson’s Place, you’ll have all the room to focus on each other. Take a romantic dip in the pool or just chill out in your room. Dinner and breakfast can be provided so that you spend less time worrying about the little things and more time in each other’s company.


Dining: Dinner and breakfast are included in the room package, courtesy of Balai Indang. This means straightforward, no frills home-style food prepared lovingly with the best ingredients. The menu changes periodically, so there’s always something new waiting for you at Wilson’s Place.

Pool: The lap pool is clearly the centerpiece of the Wilson’s Place experience. Decorated with pieces from Yoki’s art collection, it’s a peaceful place for a head-clearing dip, but definitely big enough for an entire family to jump into and play.

WiFi: Wireless internet is available in common areas, such as the shared living room. You can stay connected and do some work while getting in some play time.


Puzzle Mansion: As the name implies, Puzzle Mansion is filled with, well, puzzles. It’s owned by Gina Gil-Lacuna, Guinness World Record holder for Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in the World.

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Museo Orlina: Part music center, part amphitheater, part art gallery and exhibition center, Museo Orlina is a sensory experience in culture. It hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year with different themes, so there’s always something new to see or hear.

Sonya’s Garden: To this day, Sonya’s Garden is the premier destination for couples looking to splurge on an anniversary or a similar milestone. The restaurant serves top-notch quality food guaranteed to satisfy every time, served in the backdrop of a garden that can only be described as “utterly magical”.