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Village Fitness

It’s no surprise that Alabang has become a melting pot of fitness hubs with its always on-the-go community. Each gym catering to different ages, fitness levels and interests, and work hard to lure in the rest of us. So for this newcomer to grow a cult almost overnight is a testament that they nailed what everyone is looking for.

Well-designed and spanning to 320 sqm, Village Fitness is fully equipped with top-notch gym equipment and facilities, each thoughtfully chosen for different objectives, to make working out easier and for you to take fitness to heart.

But the real secret lies in the unique environment. They create a sense of belongingness, camaraderie, and synergy among their community to help each other achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Contact Info

4th Floor Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall, Don Jesus Blvd
Alabang, Muntinlupa
(0956) 816 4510
(02) 800 4093

Redemption Hours:
Weekdays, 6AM - 10PM
Weekends, 7AM - 9PM

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