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Vikings (SM City BF)

Eat like a king. A vi-king that is. Vikings Luxury-Buffet operates on the same philosophy behind the Scandinavian feasts big and burly Norsemen of centuries past enjoyed (read: a plentiful buffet spread with a strict eat-your-heart-out policy).

Vikings first opened its doors in 2011 to a bevy of buffet hoppers excited by its all-inclusive unlimited-drinks offering (beer included) - a rarity you won't find anywhere else in the Manila dining scene at the same price.

They offer a smorgasbord of specialties spanning several cuisines, with chefs manning live-cooking stations and preparing everything from the gourmet to the homely.

Contact Info

2/F SM City BF
Dr. A. Santos Avenue
Paranaque City
(02) 811-3888
(02) 811-4888

Redemption Hours
Monday to Friday
11AM to 2:30PM

There were quite a handful of dishes that are not too common to find in other branches!

I was really surprised by the thrilling food variety here in Vikings SM BF ParaƱaque. There were quite a handful of dishes that are not too common to find in other branches! The good news is, despite having such selections, our old-time favorites are still ready to be found here. All of these make this place really interesting.

Renz Cheng

It was an awesome gastronomic dining experience

It was an awesome gastronomic dining experience. I love the restaurant's interiors, the food was truly awesome, freshly-cooked and well-replenished. I also like that the selection of dishes is so huge you'll have a hard time deciding where to start.

Pinoy Adventurista


Serving food ranging from upscale contemporary to timeless classics, Vikings Luxury Buffet branch in SM ParaƱaque left an impressionistic mark. Taking pictures of the beautifully presented dishes alone already made me swallow my saliva before eating. Everything looked just so irresistible. Not to be missed are the elegant chandeliers which came draping from the high-vault ceilings. I was most enamored with the one by the reception area. It looked like it was made with diamonds, ice, or crystal constellations.

Rochkirstin Santos