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Tugawe Cove Resort

Nestled off the coast of the peninsula, Tugawe Cove Resort is a remote piece of paradise that offers the best of both worlds: an adventure to fill the pages of your album, breathtaking sights, and a rare kind of privacy you won’t find anywhere else.

Take off to one of the Philippines’ best-kept tropical treasures, awaiting your discovery.

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Brgy. Colongcogon, Caramoan
Camarines Sur, Bicol

For Inquiries & Reservations:
(02) 8541 9089
(0918) 965 7885
(0917) 650 7845

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About Tugawe Cove Resort

Who It’s For: Over the past decade, Camarines Sur’s renown as a tourist destination has grown considerably. Thanks to greater internet access, more Filipinos and foreigners now know about the province’s natural beauty, hospitality and cultural significance. If you’re planning a vacation in this wonderful part of the Philippines, we strongly suggest considering Tugawe Cove Resort in Caramoan for your stay. It’s perfect for

Families: Couples traveling with their children will have a blast at Tugawe Cove Resort. With its position between a hillside, a lake and the sea, there’s plenty of fun to be had just with the natural features of the location. Rooms are also adequately equipped with modern comforts so you and the rest of the family can still feel connected to the outside world.

Couples: Seclusion and quality time nurture relationships like no other. Tugawe Cove Resort offers breathtaking views, natural wonders and plenty of privacy for a truly rejuvenating getaway.

Groups of Friends: Barkadas who are on the lookout for their next big adventure will find that Tugawe Cove Resort has plenty to offer. With its diverse accommodation options, watersport facilities, island hopping tours and quality service, this resort promises to be an unforgettable one for you and your friends.


The Infinity Pool: Many hotels and resorts have infinity pools, but the one at Tugawe Cove Resort might trump them all. With its ample size and a view that makes it look as if it continues right into the ocean, it’s hard to imagine many other pools of this type being any better.

Watersports: This resort is about so much more than swimming. Watersports provisions for snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and kayaking can all be enjoyed at no additional charge.

Island Hopping Tours: If you can’t get enough of beaches, go on an island hopping tour off the Caramoan Coast. Motorized boats and ferrymen are available at the resort to take you on a nice trek across nearby islands over the inviting blue waters.

Port Transfer Services: Whether you’re coming in from the Naga Airport, Virac Airport or Guijalo Port, getting to Tugawe Cove Resort is a snap. The resort provides port transfer services at affordable rates to make your travels even more convenient.


Camarines Sur is famous for many natural and historical tourist attractions. These include:

Lake Buhi: Formed by volcanic activity, this lake is home to the world’s smallest commercially harvested species of fish, the Sinarapan.

Our Lady of Peñafrancia Church: At almost 270 years old, this church was built during Spanish times and is one of the oldest places of worship in the country. It has both historical and religious significance for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Mount Isarog and Mount Asog: Both mountains have sporadic volcanic activity, though they’re mostly calm for long stretches. Both support great biodiversity and are excellent destinations for hikes.

Camsur Water Park: For more extreme watersports, you’ll want to visit the Camarines Water Park where you can do wakeboarding.