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The Luxe Bus

They say that the journey itself is part of the destination. We can definitely agree to that, given what The Luxe Bus has to offer.

Perhaps its the combination of lush leather seats, hardwood floors, entertainment screens, fully-stocked mini-bar, the constant Wi-Fi connection or delectable cuisine served by your very own guest attendants that make The Luxe Bus experience a truly unique one.

Another thing you should know? All buses have met the Euro 3 emission standards, meaning its exhaust emissions emit less pollution than regular buses. Its fuel-efficient as it is safe and luxurious.

Whether its with your family, friends or colleagues, expect nothing but VIP treatment and top-of-the-line amenities every single time.

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The Luxe Bus

+632-2163941 or +63917-6255346 from 9AM - 6PM (After Office Hours)

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