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Segara Suites

Clean, simple, modern, and chic. Segara Suites is back with a picture-perfect stay to nest in for tourists paying a visit to Subic.

Their Balinese-inspired décor in well-appointed rooms made even better paired with the best of Filipino hospitality. You won’t find many a better place to stay in the area.

TripAdvisor rates Segara Suites as one of the top boutique hotels in Subic, and we couldn’t agree more.

Contact Info

Waterfront Road, Subic Bay
Freeport Zone

For Inquiries & Reservations:
Norly S. Galvan
(047) 250 0923
(047) 250 0924

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About Segara Suites

Who It’s For: This 18-room boutique hotel is one of Subic’s best-kept secrets. The reasonable rates and quality accommodations have made it a top choice for travelers to the Subic Freeport area. Segara Suites is recommended for:

Couples: The cozy accommodations, Instagram-worthy amenities, and themed-rooms make Segara Suites a delightfully chic, low-key choice for couples on a weekend getaway.

Families: Segara Suites has a number of rooms that could easily accommodate a family with children. Children under 7 years old get to stay in free too, so be sure to ask the hotel about this before booking.

Solo travelers: The small number of rooms, relative quiet, and easy access to the rest of Subic make Segara Suites ideal for solo business travelers or those that just want some space to themselves while they’re at Subic Freeport. The presence of free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel also should also please digital nomads who want to get some work done.


Segara Suites has the following amenities to make your stay in Subic memorable for all the right reasons:

Unique rooms: Each room is furnished with luxury in mind, yet each one is different from the others, giving you a slightly different experience each time you stay. This has earned Segara Suites its share of die-hard fans.

Restaurant: The boutique hotel’s restaurant specializes in Asian Fusion dishes. Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, and Filipino dishes are represented and combined in surprising ways.

Spa: Many reviews mention the hotel’s spa, for good reason. It’s just the place you need to go to after a long drive or at the end of a full day’s worth of business in Subic.

Swimming pool: The swimming pool is an Instagram favorite. It also features a poolside bar, which is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Function rooms: The hotel has a number of function rooms, including one that could accommodate 300 people. These are quite popular with locals and frequent visitors alike for personal events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Perfect mix of seclusion and convenience: Segara Suites is located inside an exclusive compound but is quite close to several key establishments in Subic. This means you get to avoid most of the noise and traffic that plagues many other locations in the area while still maintaining easy access to many favorite attractions within the freeport.


Subic Freeport is a completely modern urban area that still happens to maintain closeness with many natural wonders. There are a huge number of attractions within the area and you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes or exceeds your expectations. A few of the notable attractions in the area include:

Duty-free shopping: Duty-free shopping attracts a huge number of visitors from all over the country. While most will come for the jaw-droppingly affordable imported whiskeys and chocolates, many entrepreneurs also come to Subic for fantastic deals on quality machinery and other crucial items you won’t find anywhere else.

Food trips: Segara Suites is located a very short distance away from a very wide selection of bars, cafes, and restaurants that will surely please any palate.

Adventure Beach: Subic’s newest water park may very well be the best in the country. Located right next to the famous Ocean Adventure theme park, Adventure Beach is an incredible place to take the kids for a whole day of aquatic fun.

Tree Top Adventure: This arboreal park delivers exactly what their name says. A number of awesome tree-top activities can be had that will excite even jaded thrill-seekers.

Diving spots: The seas around Subic are home to some very diverse dive spots. A good number of dive centers ply their trade within Subic Freeport from where you can rent or buy equipment and even book diving lessons from highly experienced professional divers.

Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST): The natives of Subic have honed their fieldcraft for several millennia, even before the arrival of Malay and European settlers. They later passed on this knowledge to the American naval personnel that once occupied the former Subic Naval Base. These days, however, some natives and the people they have passed this valuable knowledge to continue to teach anyone interested in how to survive in the jungles of the Philippines. JEST provides hands-on training and interactive presentations that give us a valuable insight into the lives of our forebears.