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Reál Coast and Surf

Quezon Province's premier resort, Reál Coast & Surf is the perfect destination for the adventurous explorer and beach lovers alike.

It's composed of two different establishments in the property: Reál Coast which features comfortable air-conditioned hotel accommodations with modern amenities and facilities. Reál Surf offers a laid-back outdoor experience with beachfront cabanas for rent and a surf campsite available for tent pitching—it's a surfer's paradise most accessible from the metro just hours away east of Manila.

Experience the best of what this popular destination has to offer at Reál Coast & Surf.

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Barangay Malapad, Real, Quezon

For Inquiries & Reservations:
Chesca Napala

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About Reál Coast and Surf

Who It’s For: Tucked away in a quiet stretch of Quezon coastline, this chill surf camp and hotel is fast becoming a favorite of travelers from Metro Manila thanks to its proximity, budget-friendly accommodations, and excellent surfing. It’s received positive reviews from the following types of travelers:

Couples: The Pacific sunrise and the sound of the surf beating against the beach makes for an unforgettable backdrop for couples out on a weekend.

Groups of friends: Reál Coast and Surf is extremely popular with groups of friends who want something more out of their weekend trip to the beach. The reasonable rates, easy access, and incredible experiences make this highly-rated camp and hotel truly worth the visit.

Families: There are a number of facilities both in the surf camp section and the hotel that could accommodate large families with children. As a matter of fact, Reál Coast and Surf has become quite the popular destination for extended families on weekend trips.


Reál Coast and Surf is divided into a surf camp and a hotel. You can pitch a tent in the designated campsite if you’re fine with roughing it a bit, or you can stay in the hotel, which features all the creature comforts you’re accustomed to. Reál Coast and Surf has the following notable features:

Surf camp: There’s nothing like watching the sunrise from your own tent. For a modest fee, you can pitch a tent on the beach right along Luzon’s breathtaking Pacific Coast. There’s even a grill available so you can cook your own food. Rates differ based on whether you come on a weekend, weekday, or holiday, so be sure to check the dates before making any plans.

Surf Shack: Reál Coast and Surf’s very own snack bar features just the type of food you’d be craving for after a long day riding the waves. Check out their grilled cheese and their signature chicken and waffles!

Cabanas: Beachfront cabanas of different sizes can be rented to give you a convenient place to chill when you’re not catching waves.

Pool: Guests at the hotel have access to a pool. The pool is perfect for safe night swimming and for families traveling with small children.

Rentals and lessons: You don’t need to own your own surfboard to enjoy the waves off Reál. Surfboards can be rented for a reasonable fee. Lessons are also available for those who want to get their feet wet, so to speak. Surfing isn’t the only thing to do at Reál Coast and Surf either. If surfing isn’t quite your cup of tea, you could also rent skim boards, paddleboards and kayaks as well.


Reál, Quezon is home to a number of breathtaking natural features:

The Nine Waterfalls: Reál is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre making it the site of numerous waterfalls. Nine notable waterfalls include Bagombong, Malalago, Kinanliman, Tipuan, Pinagminahan, Ngabngaban, Mahanginhangin (also known as Cawayan), Balagbag and Lunok (also known as Noknok). A number of them are easily accessible while some are rather secluded. If hiking and freshwater swimming is more your thing, these falls give you plenty of both, and most are within a reasonable distance from Reál Coast and Surf.

Tignoan River rafting: A short drive from Reál Coast and Surf is barangay Tanauan where you can rent a tire tube raft and experience a semi-wild river rafting experience, weather permitting. It’s one of the few places in the country where you can get a whitewater raft experience, so be sure to play a visit if you can.

Local public markets: Load up on fresh seafood that would cost you several times more in Manila. If you’re staying at the surf camp, a visit to the nearby public market is almost mandatory as part of getting the full experience. A grill is provided so guests can enjoy cooking their fresh seafood discoveries.