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Pole Dolls Dance Studio

Pole dancing may seem like it's only for those born with flexible bodies, but Pole Dolls Dance Studio aims to break that misconception.

The people behind this renowned dance studio had a burning desire to blend the art of pole and aerial arts with contemporary, ladies' hiphop, modern, and other dance genres. While they may come from different professions and dance backgrounds, they are united in fitness, aesthetics, and creativity. And that's how Poll Dolls Dance Studio was born!

They are all about breakthrough performances, and safe and serious training. The studio space provides a warm and welcoming place for first-timers, aerial hobbyists, and experienced performers alike.

Contact Info

2/F 126 Pioneer Street (Inside Sparta Philippines)
(0995) 136 4684

Studio Hours:
Daily, 10AM - 10PM

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About Pole Dolls Dance Studio

Step into the beautiful world of ​pole dancing​, at the ​Pole Dolls​ Dance Studio! If you’re interested to gain full body confidence, develop strength, athleticism, flexibility and grace, in a friendly welcoming environment, then it’s time to visit their studios, for fun and exciting ​pole dancing​ ​classes​!

Pole Dolls ​Dance Studio located in Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong, Metro ​Manila​, offers​ pole dancing classes ​for different skill levels, as well as schedules. Beginner classes, and advanced classes are available, even open classes that anyone of any skill level can attend. You can walk-in, take either a 3-day, 6-day, 12-day pass, or an unlimited class pass.

Perception of ​pole dancing in Manila​ has definitely changed ever since it hit the mainstream. It has been taken out of the dimly lit clubs and into workout studios and concert halls.​ Pole Dolls Dance Studio’s desire is to break the barriers giving this dance style a lift, integrating it with various contemporary dance genres such as ladies’ hip hop, modern and other styles.

Now, even fitness experts are taking notice of ​pole dancing,​ and rightly so as it is a serious workout activity you can do to build strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. ​Pole dancing​ engages major muscles groups to enable you to lift yourself up and perform gravity defying moves. Count on your legs, arms, abdominals, shoulders, and back muscles to work together to help you grip the pole and perform different ​pole dancing ​tricks. And of course, you have to learn to look graceful and elegant while doing it, even flash a presentable smile or a sultry smize every once in a while. And so really, we’re talking about a total body workout here.

It’s a fun way you can loosen up and sweat it out. Even A-list celebrities are getting hooked. You might have seen Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson performing dances with pole on screen. Why don’t you also give it a try? 

Pole Dolls​ Dance Studio is home to the ​Pole Dolls ​dance group, a team of pole dance aficionados coming from various backgrounds, who are all passionate about ​pole dancing​ and want to share it with you, too. Classes are taught by these experienced dancer-instructors who know best to guide you through your lessons. The studios are fitted with secure poles and each class is prepared with your safety in mind, so you can always have safe fun space to make the most of your workout.

Aside from ​pole dancing classes​, the studio also offers classes in other beautiful forms of dance art like Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Hammock. These styles teach students to perform dance moves suspended from the ceiling, allowing them to explore space in three dimensions.

As a beginners you also have an option to join their seasonal full training programs that culminate on stage in a concert performance, together with the premiere Pole Dolls dance group themselves.

Perfect for: Mixing things up by trying out a new and exciting workout. And who knows? You might find a new hobby to fall in love with!


Pole Dance Classes: Immerse yourself in the world of pole dancing with Pole Dolls’ dynamic styles. Join these classes to develop skills, athleticism, flexibility, sexy confidence and have a great time.

Aerial Silk Classes: A graceful beautiful dance workout where you spend time training with 2 set of fabrics (Silks) doing moves and tricks suspended from the ceiling. Challenging, gravity-defying, and absolutely fun!

Aerial Hammock Classes: You will learn how to cradle and spin up one continuous fabric suspension. Build confidence up in the air manipulating fabric to make beautiful airborne tricks.

Aerial Hoop Classes: Who says hoops only belong on the ground? Learn what it’s like to take command of a suspended solitary hoop, while developing extreme balance, muscle definition, core and overall body strength.