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Plana FORMA™

Fitness experts Julie Alagde Van Manalo and Celine Encarnacion left for New York in 2010 to learn about the principles and techniques of the award-winning Physique 57 program but they returned with a bigger idea. And that was how Plana FORMA™ was born.

A local throwback to the intense barre-based isometric program, PLANA FORMA™is a high-impact workout that fires up your muscles so you can push yourself to your limit!

Since it opened at Bonifacio Global City, their following has grown bigger and bigger. In fact, they've become so popular that two more studios were opened in Quezon City and Makati to keep up with the demand.

If you're looking for a power-packed high-energy workout with quick results, do yourself a favor and come discover Plana today - it'll be worth your while!

Contact Info

Plana FORMA™ (Makati Branch)

14th Floor, Frabelle Business Center
111 Rada Street
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 833 7235
0917 658 4640

Studio Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7AM to 9PM
Sat: 7AM to 4PM
Closed on Sundays

felt the results as fast as the next day

I love how it makes me work out muscles that i never worked out and I felt the results as fast as the next day. For just 55 minutes, I get to workout my whole body: my seat, core, arms and thighs. I can feel my body getting stronger and firmer. I also love the fact that each class is different so it never gets boring or routinely. They play all the recent dance tunes so you feel more motivated to move your body! I am always happy whenever my body feels sore after a class — it means those muscles worked hard again. Pleasurable pain all for a toned and bikini ready body anytime!

Bubbles Paraiso
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I swear I can already feel my unwanted fatties melting away!

Plana FORMA is perfect. It really does combine all the elements I like about dance, pole dancing, gym routines, boxing & all my other exercises in one fast paced yet effective workout in less than 60 minutes. It awakens muscles that you didn’t even know you had, targets areas that you have no clue how to tone, and I swear I can already feel my unwanted fatties melting away!

Mica Javier
Forma Asia Testimonials

best, most effective and the funnest workout

Plana FORMA is truly the best, most effective and the funnest workout I’ve ever done... It was truly love at first squeeze (tuck and pulse!)... My legs were shaking and I discovered all these muscles that I never knew existed before. Immediately, I was HOOKED! It is the best way to clear your head from stress. Just 4 weeks later, I was back to a size 2 from a size 6! Plana FORMA not only re-shaped and toned my body, but i found myself walking taller with the posture of a ballerina. Manila, get ready for your sexiest self yet.

Louele Soong
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