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Pegi Waffles

Pegi Waffles has been one of the leading bakers of Liege-style waffles in Pegi, Belgium since 1952. Their Manila commissary, dedicated to their vision of creating freshly baked authentic European waffles from scratch, opened in 1997 and has since transformed into a chic European-inspired boutique café and wafflerie serving up all-day breakfast and afternoon treats.

Artisans at heart, they take pride in gourmet, in-house creations. Feast on freshly baked Belgian waffles in a variety of flavors, taste their homemade ravioli, Certo! Ravioli (take home tubs available!), handmade scones and more - all while sipping a luxurious cup of fresh-brewed creations.

Got something to celebrate? Cozy and plush settings make it perfect for intimate gatherings. Head over for homemade goodness you won't find better anywhere else.

Contact Info

Pegi Waffles
333 P.Guevarra Street,
Little Baguio, San Juan City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 7248363
(02) 7247386
(02) 8665132

Store Hours:
9am - 9pm

8am - 9pm

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