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Paleo Manila® by NUTHERA

NUTHERA, an abbreviated name for "Nutrition Therapy," aims to make healthy living more accessible and convenient to Filipinos. Housed under this mother brand are NUTHERA Rx, a medically-focused meal plan designed to help in one's healing and recovery, and Paleo Manila®.

Paleo Manila® by NUTHERA is the country's first gluten-free, dairy-free, and anti-inflammatory paleo meal plan delivery service. It brings together deliciousness and high nutritional value with the convenience of doorstep delivery so that you can focus on more important things in life. Its specially-designed meal plans are crafted by in-house food technologists, nutritionist-dietitians, and a food R&D team. Each meal is all-natural, grain-free, non-GMO, and contains zero preservatives!

Prioritize what matters most. Start your diet with Paleo Manila®.

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(0917) 777 7657

One week in and I'm really loving the food!

It's never easy to get back in shape while being a picky eater, I've tried a lot of delivery meals plans and never really liked it because of taste quality. I heard about PALEO Manila and gave it a shot, one week in and I'm really loving the food! It's sticking to what I need, a low-carb (no grain) diet while still enjoying the taste of the food! I'd recommend it anyone who wants to cut weight but at the same time sticking to his/her fitness goals!

Lance Lim
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You actually get full!

What I love about Paleo Manila is that you actually get full! In fact, I get so full sometimes that I can’t even finish the meal they’ve prepared! Moreover, because I’m full, I no longer crave for junk food or the like.

Cheryl Golangco

Paleo Manila targeted my real concern...

Where other diet companies promote calorie counting as their main objective for one to lose weight, Paleo Manila targeted my real concern & it goes deeper than the superficial need to lose weight & look good. It aims to change my eating habits & make me live a healthier lifestyle.