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Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Find solitude at Mount Purro Nature Reserve, a sprawling 36-hectare forest sanctuary that rests on the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Calawis, Antipolo.

Surrounded by lush greenery, this eco-retreat provides comfortable accommodations and fully equipped facilities that are designed to blend with its peaceful surroundings. It's the perfect setting for one to relax and commune with nature.

Contact Info

Barangay Calawis, Antipolo

For Inquiries & Reservations:
Joana Legayada
(0949) 398 1799

Front Desk Hotline
(02) 542 3005

Office Hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 9AM - 5PM

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About Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Who It’s For: Breathe in fresh mountain air and get a healthy dose of relaxation at Mount Purro Nature Reserve. This family-run eco-park in Antipolo, Rizal is one of the few places that’s actually close to the metro, but seems like a world away once you finally set foot on its picturesque grounds.

Urging you to “disconnect to connect”, this 36-hectare nature reserve has no modern amenities like air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, or television. Even telco coverage in the area is limited. Instead, what the resort offers is a refreshing and humbling experience that reminds visitors how nature invigorates the mind, body, and even relationships with other people.

Families: Let your children run along the wooden planks, test their skill on the mini climbing wall, or climb the low-lying trees. Parents who are into Montessori or progressive education will definitely appreciate the recycled musical instruments, the wooden scales, and the mud kitchen. The reserve’s nature playscape has been featured in some of the most prominent parenting blogs and social media accounts in the country.

Friends: When did you last have a night out with friends that’s free from all sorts of distractions? At this forest farm reserve, you can have a talkathon all night in one of the bohemian Martha Stewart gazebos or enjoy swimming in the infinity pool while taking in spectacular views of Mount Purro. For complete invigoration, the whole gang can indulge in an hour-long traditional hilot massage at the spa area.

Colleagues: With all of the team-building facilities in the resort, you and your colleagues have plenty of options for unforgettable activities. Have a mini triathlon-like race that covers the ropes course, the hiking trail, and the swimming pool. Ideal for company outings, this forest resort also has a pavilion hostel where 40 people can sleep comfortably.


You won’t find modern amenities at this Antipolo ecological resort, but that’s what makes this place all the more special. With the beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range all around, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find everything you need in the traditional cottages and the laid-back environment of Mount Purro.

Traditional Cottages: With the hotel’s farm-style accommodations, you’ll definitely have an authentic mountain resort experience. You can choose from casitas to bamboo cabins, which are ideal whether you’re staying with your significant other or with workmates from your entire department. Guests will be delighted with the serene ambiance and the never-ending views that the airy, open spaces provide.

Bonfire Areas: What’s the perfect way to cap off the day at this verdant retreat? A bonfire, of course! Sit around the crackling fire while catching up with friends or sharing creepy ghost stories, if you dare. Don’t waste a perfectly good excuse to snack on bonfire classics. Bring marshmallows and roast them on spits for yummy s’mores.

Rope Courses: Hanging out, literally, is another thing you can try at the vast reserve. The rope courses here include a mini zipline for young thrillseekers as well as the Catwalk and the Obstaclair for those who want to try an exciting obstacle course high in the treetops.

Laudato Si Hiking Trail: Grab this opportunity to do some grounding and reconnect with nature through hiking. Located within the grounds of the reserve, the Laudato Si Hiking Trail is a 4-kilometer footpath that weaves along lush vegetation and ends with inspiring views of the mountain range when you reach the grotto at the top.


Some of the most verdant landscapes can be found in this area of Antipolo, so you’re bound to have an amazing time reconnecting with nature during your stay at Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

Bunsuran Falls: Although not as massive or as powerful as the other waterfalls in the Rizal province, Bunsuran Falls has a tranquil charm that immediately puts one at ease and makes life seem unhurried. Swim in its clear natural pools or sit at the very top of the falls and be gently massaged by the water.

Dumagat Interaction: Learn how to build fire and cook food using only bamboo and wood from the experts. The Dumagats are indigenous people who call the Sierra Madre home and cultivate the land near the eco-park.

ATV Adventures Rizal: Go on an off-road escapade that will take you to stunning landscapes and exciting terrain! Rent 4WDs and ATVs at ATV Adventures Rizal and experience driving on paved, rocky, inclined, and muddy ground. Don’t worry if it’s your first time to drive an ATV, as they’ve got rides suited for all levels and abilities.