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Hotel Monticello Tagaytay

Hotel Monticello exudes the kind of quiet charm you’d be looking for if you’re thinking of paying a visit to the famous local ‘Windy Ridge’. Managed by the same group behind Cintai Corito’s Garden and the Microtel chain of hotels, you can expect the same excellent service and comfortable, clean and well-furnished rooms you find in both establishments.

But there’s a catch - Hotel Monticello will surprise you with little things you won’t expect like a heated lap pool and spacious kiddie pool for your little ones. What else? You’ll have to pay a visit to find out.

Contact Info

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Brgy. Kaybagay South, Tagaytay

For Reservations and Inquiries:
Manila Office:
Mondays to Fridays, 9AM - 6PM
(02) 808 9292
(0925) 657 7320
(0977) 831 0077

Front Office:
Saturdays to Sundays, 9AM - 10PM
(046) 552 5238
(0925) 657 7319
(0977) 831 0088

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