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Misibis Bay

What to expect from Bicol’s famed Tropical Island Getaway? Exceptional service, swank accommodations, and a varied selection of activities in a stunning, unspoiled natural landscape Misibis Bay Resort is known for. Palm trees dot the resort, warm and tropical, melding into an architecture that’s a cross between Miami splendor and gorgeous Greek.

Don’t miss the chance to experience one of the country’s most sought-after resorts, where an extraordinary getaway is waiting.

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Cagraray Island, Bacacay Albay Province
(02) 8661 8888
(0917) 599 1606

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About Misibis Bay

Who It’s For: Misibis Bay is not just a resort. It’s one of Albay’s most famous destinations. Being the subject of a highly-rated TV miniseries, it’s likely some people, when asked, could only name Mayon volcano and Misibis Bay as places to see in Albay. Tucked away in an isolated corner of Cagraray island, Misibis Bay also happens to be the site of a fish sanctuary, and visitors to the site can expect to enjoy pristine coral reefs along the country’s Pacific coast.

Families: Misibis Bay is in a safe location, making the area a good choice for families traveling with children. A wide selection of fun ocean and beach activities are available at the resort, creating countless opportunities for family bonding. Lifeguards are on duty at the resort to ensure the safety of the guests during their stay.

Couples: The resort’s luxury appointments and premium features make it an ideal destination for couples looking for some quality alone time. The sunny Pacific backdrop and stunning sunrise also create an atmosphere perfect for catching up and creating new memories.

Groups of Friends: The resort offers rooms that could easily accommodate large groups, making it a good choice for those looking for a spot for their next barkada getaway. There’s a wide availability of water sports and diversions in and around Misibis Bay, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.


While in many ways, not much different from your usual idea of a luxury resort, Misibis Bay has the following amenities:

Eco-friendly luxury: Not only does Misibis Bay have all the amenities you would demand from a resort with their reputation, the whole resort is powered through solar energy. The highly-trained staff also take measures to ensure that your stay isn’t just safe and eco-friendly, but enjoyable and to the standards of an internationally renowned resort as well.

ATV ride at sunrise: Bicol is known for its spectacular Pacific sunrise. Misibis Bay takes things one step further by offering ATV rides up a hill that let you see the sun rising above Cagraray over at one side and a view of majestic Mt. Mayon on the other. A truly unforgettable view that’s well worth the trip.

Scuba diving: The area around Misibis Bay is home to a number of world-class dive spots, and a marine life sanctuary lies just off the resort beach. Intro scuba lessons are available, and veteran divers will also enjoy the available dive packages.

Water sports: Diving isn’t the only diversion the resort has on offer. A number of other water sports activities are also available. Windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and Hobie cat sailing are just a few of the many other activities on site.

Sula channel cruise: the Sula channel separates Cagraray from the rest of Albay. The area is home to incredibly coastlines, idyllic scenes of everyday life, and an awesome view of Mayon volcano.


Misibis Bay is close to the following attractions:

Cagraray Eco-Park: Misibis Bay is only a short hop away Cagraray Eco-Park. The park used to be owned by Misibis Bay but was later handed over to the government of Albay. The site features an amphitheater, a chapel, zip lines, and a number of other outdoor activities. It’s a popular spot for photos and weddings and is accessible from the resort via golf cart.

Cagsawa Ruins: The resort is a reasonable distance away from the famous Cagsawa ruins. The remains of a 16th-century Franciscan church are all that is left of a town that was buried in a volcanic explosion in 1814. The site features some of the best views of Mayon and has come to be symbolic of the dangers of living near a volcano.