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Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio

Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio aims to inspire people from all walks of life to get on the track to fitness. With a focus on STOTT Pilates, its instructors help each individual achieve a remarkable fitness and wellness level.

The intensive program was crafted by Mindful Movement’s internationally certified STOTT Pilates instructors. They were under the mentorship of Vivian Zapanta, Asia’s first STOTT Pilates lead instructor and fitness icon.

Begin your journey to a healthier you at Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio.

Contact Info

Pacific Star Building, Makati
1402 14/F Pacific Star Building
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave cor. Makati Ave
(02) 8886 7744
(0917) 844 0945

Ecotower Building, Taguig
15/F Ecotower Bldg., 32nd Street
cor 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
(02) 8815 0045
(0917) 867 6787

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About Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio

Mindful Movement Asia Pilates​ Studio, also known as the Vivian Zapanta studio, will help get ​your fitness back on track, no matter your age, size or fitness level. If you’re looking for an effective way to strengthen both your body and mind, at a calm and relaxed pace, consider taking ​Pilates​ in their ​Makati​ or ​BGC ​studios.

Mindful Movement Asia Pilates​ Studio is the only place in the Philippines to offer STOTT Pilates​. The studios are headed by Vivian Zapanta, the long-time prominent fitness authority in the country, who is, among her other qualifications, Asia’s first STOTT certified Lead Instructor Trainer for MerrithewTM STOTT PILATES® brand, which pioneered the practice.

Mindful Movement Asia Pilates​ Studios in​ Makati ​and ​BGC ​are open from 7am to 8pm Mondays to Fridays, and 8am to 5pm every Saturday, so you can practice as often as you want.

STOTT ​Pilates​ in the Philippines

STOTT​ Pilates ​has earned international reputation as the world’s most respected ​Pilates brand. It is a contemporary approach to the original ​Pilates ​developed in 1920s by Joseph Pilates​, which integrates the practice with modern principles science-based exercise and rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

Reap the benefit from STOTT ​Pilates​ with conditioning exercises that deal with strengthening of your core. When your core is strong the muscles around the spine, lower back and pelvic areas are strengthened and protected. And as a result, your body’s functional movements, including that of your arms and your legs, are optimized.

At ​Mindful Movement Asia Pilates ​Studio ​you will be in a fully supportive environment, assisted by internationally certified and high-caliber and instructors mentored by Vivian Zapanta herself. You will learn the 5 Principles that lay the groundwork for the the workout: Breathing, Pelvic Placement , Rib cage Placement, Scapular Mobilization & Stabilization, and Head & Cervical Placement. These are done through specific and studied method of breathing, heightened body awareness, and mindful movement.

​Pilates​ will also teach you mindfulness which should be helpful in reducing your stress.

A lot of people who have tried it attest to the life-changing effect of this practice as it can also work wonders for toning your muscles, increasing your flexibility and improving your balance, and mobility. Try it for yourself and see the difference it can make!

Perfect for: Relaxing after a gruelling work day. When you need a fitness practice that will also help you be mindful, and reduce your stress.


MAT ​Pilates ​and Reformer ​Pilates​ Classes

Both done with highly qualified ​Pilates​ instructors, you will work with a wide range of tools and equipment as you build your foundation and skill level for the practice.

MAT​ Pilates​: The foundation for leaner, stronger and more toned body. It focuses on moderate resistance training with regular mat exercises targetting body weight.

Reformer ​Pilates​ Classes: Uses top of the line reformer equipment to create resistance for core strengthening and supporting your muscle definition.