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Metafactor Wellness Center

Metafactor Wellness Center is a one-stop premier destination for holistic beauty and wellness treatments.

Here you can find services that range from aesthetics to dental and physical therapy services—all guaranteed to enhance your appearance.

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Baypark Roxas Boulevard Service Road
Malate, Manila
(02) 353 3130
(0917) 816 6428
(0997) 869 0502

114 Jupiter Corner, Orbit Street
Brgy. Bel Air, Makati
(02) 871 4262
(0915) 925 5224

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About Metafactor Wellness Center

Imagine a place where your full health, both mind and body, are considered in your journey towards wellness. This is the approach of ​Metafactor Wellness​ Center, a holistic wellness center where your concern is not just locally treated, but handled in the context of your health as a whole.

They offer beauty and wellness services that range from aesthetic treatments like their non-invasive alternative to​ liposuction​, the iLipoT​ M​; dental services, including basic dental care such as ​oral prophylaxis​; to cosmetic dentistry services ​like teeth whitening​; and physical therapy and pain management, and injury rehabilitation. They also offer effective alternative treatments like ​acupuncture​. ​Metafactor Wellness​ Center is also the very first to offer underwater treadmill workout ​in the Philippines using their Hydrotherapy Pool, the aquatic therapy method trusted globally for exercise and rehabilitation.

Visit their world class locations in Makati, and Manila, for non-invasive and pain-free methods in aesthetic treatments, dermatology, dentistry, slimming, weight management, pain rehabilitation, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

The concept of holistic wellness is brought forth by ​Metafactor Wellness​ Center’s team of doctors and specialists in dermatology, physical therapy and nutrition. This is supported by the center’s advanced facilities that deliver skin treatments, dental treatments , body training, workout and therapy. Be assisted by licensed physical therapists and masseuse to achieve relief from natural bodily wear and tear, and injuries.

And what is wellness without engaging in nutrition? At ​Metafactor Wellness​ Center, you can also expect to be treated holistically up to your nourishment, with its nutritionist who will advise you on what food to eat together with your program. 

Perfect for: When you are not keen on surgical improvements, and want to try non-invasive and painless approach to beauty and wellness. Visit them if you want to get relief from injuries, stress, and body pains.


Hydrotherapy Pool Workout Sessions: Metafactor Wellness​ Center is the place where you can take an ​underwater treadmill workout. The Philippines​’ first institution to offer this different kind of water therapy, the goal of which is to serve as an alternative method for pain management, and provide low impact joint-friendly endurance training--with zero post-workout muscle soreness.

Acupuncture: ​Also known as Dry Needling, this a proven effective alternative method for muscle pain relief. Free yourself from muscle spasms, discomfort from tight muscles, and muscle tenderness in different areas of your body.

iLipoT​ M​ Non-Surgical Slimming for the Stomach: Too nervous to go under the knife? This is the perfect solution for you. The iLipoT​ M​ Laser Fat Reduction for the Stomach uses advanced revolutionary technology that provides non-surgical painless way to shed the pounds, and delivers immediate results! This is also accompanied by 40-minute post-treatment workout designed to accelerate slimming results.

Dental Care Treatments: Achieve your best smile and avail of both their basic dental care and cosmetic dental services. This includes Consultation, ​Oral Prophylaxis​ (Teeth Cleaning), Tooth Filling, Fluoride Treatment, as well as ​teeth whitening t​reatments.