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La Creperie

Each La Creperie branch has a distinct personality that allows you to experience France beyond a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Charming interiors combined with dimmed lights, well-thought-out music and warm and attentive service, makes for a relaxing spot perfect for intimate group celebrations or solitary moments.

Oh and did we mention the food? Deliciously delicate sweet and savory French crepes, pastas, sandwiches, desserts, and TWG tea are part of an indulgent menu that will have you coming back for more.

Contact Info

La Creperie

88 Esteban Abada Street
Brgy. Loyola Heights
Quezon City

10AM to 10PM

San Juan
403 F. Calderon Street
Brgy. Little Baguio
San Juan City

Monday to Friday
11AM to 10PM

One of the few restaurants in town selling the most exciting crepes

In our country, crepe is almost synonymous with dessert so most people would think that La Creperie is a dessert shop. But La Creperie is a restaurant and is in fact, one of the few restaurants in town selling the most exciting crepes—both the gourmet sweet kind and savory salty (probably the best in town) varieties. La Christine is beautiful, probably one of the most attractive crepes in La Creperie. It would have been the perfect crepe if the strawberries were sweet too. But that’s what’s good and unique about La Creperie. Even if the strawberries aren’t sweet, they don’t sugarcoat it. Ingredients are guaranteed fresh. La Creperie is not your ordinary crepe shop and it doesn’t satisfy your craving—it just makes you want to have more! Magical!

Dianne Reyno
Adventures of Gastrognome

Doesn't the name Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe sound like overkill? I thought so, too. However, 'chocolate' and 'overkill' combined plays well to my ears and if you know me, you'd bet my stomach agrees. You must be warned though. This dessert is reserved for serious chocolate lovers and by serious, I mean those who think that a thick brownie fudge, neatly enveloped in a chocolate batter crepe, topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with dark chocolate syrup is delightful. Expect nothing but chocolate overload (and a couple of inches to your waist) from this dessert made straight out of a chocoholic's dream.

Trix Deseo

The Salidou looked deceptively simple since its just made up of salted butter caramel and whipped creme on top. The first bite blew both of us away, chewy dough mixed with the tantalizing salted butter caramel and we knew we were hooked. We've actually been back a couple of times to eat the Salidou, each of us quietly devouring our order and then leave after. (of course we paid first) There's a couple of branches of La Creperie already but this is nearest us, tempting us every week. Try the place out and you might just be hooked like us.

Tales from the Tummy
Tales from the Tummy