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Kasa Luntian

Located on the quiet side of the Tagaytay ridge, Kasa Luntian promises a private and refreshing respite away from the crowds. Its beautiful design, lush landscapes, elegant guest rooms, and topnotch facilities make it the ideal setting for relaxation and intimate getaways.

Managed by Hospitality Innovators, Inc. (HII), Kasa Luntian is where you're guaranteed excellent service and a hassle-free stay. This is the tranquil Tagaytay escape you’ve been searching for.

Contact Info

Tagaytay-Calamba Road
Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay

For Inquiries and Reservations:
AJ Maala
(046) 412 0741 Loc. 8352
(0917) 807 0445

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About Kasa Luntian

Who It’s For: While Tagaytay has no shortage of accommodations, not all of them present good value. Kasa Luntian breaks the trend by offering an incredible array of features and amenities, all for very reasonable rates. Kasa Luntian has received rave reviews from:

Families: Kasa Luntian offer suites large enough for your entire family. All units are also fully-air-conditioned and have a fully-equipped kitchen, WiFi, TV, as well as a private shower, and some rooms have a lounge, which makes them especially conducive for family activities. The site is located a short distance away from several restaurants and points of interest, which means there’s no shortage of fun family bonding opportunities. The premises also contains a play area, which is great if your kids need to let off some steam after a long trip.

Couples: Couples who need a romantic getaway but demand all the conveniences of home will certainly enjoy what Kasa Luntian has to offer. The sights, sounds, and flavors of Tagaytay are literally just at your doorstep and create an awesome backdrop for a memorable getaway.

Staycationers: With the wealth of amenities, Kasa Luntian can be your home away from home, great for digital nomads and for those who just want a change of pace.

Groups of Friends: The availability of large rooms complete with all the creature comforts of home make this a great place for friends to get together. There’s no shortage of things to do either, once you step outside that door.


Kasa Luntian has the following amenities for your fun and comfort:

Free private parking: If you’re a drive away from Tagaytay, this makes a huge difference. Safe, free parking makes Kasa Luntian the perfect base of operations for your Tagaytay getaway.

Fully featured rooms: All rooms at Kasa Luntian are air-conditioned, so even on a hot day, you won’t feel like you’re actually in a greenhouse, which can happen even in Tagaytay. The presence of WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and a fully-equipped kitchen make it easy to comfortably accommodate family and friends or even hold a party if you want to. Some units even have a lounge. The bathrooms are private and are equipped with a bidet and a shower. A balcony is also available for the use of the guests.

24-hour front desk: Sure you can always Google the info you need, but nothing beats local knowledge.

Swimming pools: Yes, it gets cold in Tagaytay. Thankfully Kasa Luntian’s pools are heated, making them a godsend for families and groups of friends winding down after an adventure. Adult leisure pools, jacuzzis, kiddie pools, and a cascading pool are available for use.

Pocket parks: These small parks give Kasa Luntian its name. Several small parks dot Kasa Luntian’s grounds. An herb garden, a coffee orchard, a rain garden, an elevated creekside walkway, and a tree house area to name a few.

Function rooms: Kasa Luntian has two function rooms, each sized at 70 sqm, just the right size for intimate gatherings.


Tagaytay is a rare gem in the Philippines. A thoroughly modern city surrounded by incredible sites and natural wonders you won’t find anywhere else, including:

Taal Volcano and Lake: The second most active volcano in the Philippines is also arguably the most picturesque. It’s a volcano within a volcano, and a lake within a lake. If you can’t wrap your head around that, that’s ok—not even pictures do it justice. This marvel of nature should definitely be on everyone’s must-visit list.

People’s Park In The Sky: The highest spot in Tagaytay is home to a large, derelict structure, the remains of an unfinished mansion allegedly built by then President Marcos to house Ronald and Nancy Reagan for a visit that was ultimately never made. It’s popular for its breathtaking views and picturesque ruins.

Museo Orlina: This museum houses a permanent display of select works by celebrated glass sculptor Ramon Orlina. It also hosts works by artists from all over the Philippines as well as different music and performance art festivals on its picturesque grounds.