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Kamiseta Hotel Baguio

Quaint, dainty, and charming—these words perfectly encapsulate what Kamiseta Hotel Baguio is all about.

Situated close to the summer capital's tourist destinations, this boutique hotel is a destination in itself. Just like its Philippine fashion brand namesake, it follows a quirky yet vintage aesthetic reminiscent of lavish French chateaus. Each of its 6 rooms is one-of-a-kind, promising your next visit will be just as magical.

Make your next road trip one for the books at this hidden gem dubbed "the prettiest hotel in Baguio".

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20 Villamor Street, Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio
(074) 442 4613
(074) 424 0846
(0921) 761 2872
(0915) 384 6987

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About Kamiseta Hotel Baguio

Who It’s For: Philippine clothing brand Kamiseta is known for its distinct storefronts featuring a quirky theme that’s an oddly harmonious mix of Victorian, French Neoclassical, Art Deco, and Mid-Century modern styles. Kamiseta Hotel Baguio’s developers took the trendsetting approach that its parent brand uses for its stores and created a truly stunning gem.

This boutique hotel is nestled in a quiet corner of the City of Pines, right between Baguio Country Club and the historic Mansion House. Its frequently tops lists of the best hotels Baguio has to offer for good reason -- Kamiseta Hotel Baguio offers the right mix of style, accessibility, and value. With its complete array of amenities and caring service rendered by its well-trained staff, this boutique hotel is ideal for:

Couples: If you want quiet and alone time in Baguio, this is the place to be. Many folks from out of town often forget that in addition to its famous natural vistas, Baguio is also a home to thoroughly modern and thriving urban center, which means seclusion isn’t part of the deal when it comes to many other hotels in the City of Pines. Good thing Kamiseta Hotel Baguio is away from the busier parts of Baguio yet still close enough to explore by foot or easily commute to the main parts of the city. This means couples have plenty of time to focus on each other, but not because the place is so remote you have no choice but to do just that. With only a limited availability of rooms, you definitely won’t have to share this tiny piece of heaven with too many other guests.

Art and design enthusiasts: If you love art and design, you definitely won’t be forgetting this hotel any time soon. Kamiseta Hotel Baguio is filled to the brim with small details that will amaze and delight anyone with an eye for design.

Photographers and Instagrammers: Nearly every part of this hotel were made to be photographed. It’s crammed so full of detail you will probably miss a few things on your first visit. Each of the rooms has a different look to them, which is something you won't find in most hotels.


Kamiseta Hotel Baguio offers the following amenities and services for your perfect highland getaway:

An incredible lobby: The designers clearly wanted the hotel to make an impression on the guests right from the get-go. The façade is amazing enough, but once you enter you’re treated to a masterpiece of interior design. It’s one of the few rare spaces you will see that manages that manages to mix different prints yet still look harmonious and not at all overwhelming or tacky, as is usually the case when other boutique hotels try the same thing.

Vanilla Cafe: The hotel’s café is has a quaint casual atmosphere that maximizes the use of natural light. In simple terms, it’s got everything you need to make killer Instagram pictures if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s also got an outdoor area, too.

Wi-Fi: Because you wouldn’t want to use your data just to make your Instagram followers envious! This also makes Kamiseta Hotel Baguio a great option for digital nomads who need to get some work done on the side.

Free breakfast: As of writing, Kamiseta Hotel Baguio offers a free breakfast to guests, which just sweeten an already sweet deal even more.


Kamiseta Hotel Baguio is situated away from the city center, but close to many of Baguio’s incredible spots. Speaking of incredible spots in Baguio, there are almost too many to mention. While no list can ever be truly satisfactory, we feel guests at Kamiseta Hotel Baguio might enjoy these spots:

Ben Cab Museum: While it’s situated at the other side of town, one simply doesn’t stay at a hotel as chock full of visual goodness and not round out the experience with a trip to one of the best art collections in the country. Burnham Park: The iconic park’s lakes and footpaths are a favorite hangout for locals and tourists alike. You’re sure to find something you’ll love, and it’s close enough to walk to from Kamiseta Hotel.

Camp John Hay/ Baguio Country Club: Go golfing, horseback riding, or do many of the classic “must do’s” Filipinos have come to associate with Baguio. These permanent fixtures of life in Baguio are just a short walk away from Kamiseta.

Good Shepherd Convent: This is where all the yummy ube jams are made. Some locals and ube jam fanatics may have other preferred brands, but you just know your friends and family back home will be looking for Good Shepherd ube jam.

Philippine Military Academy: History and military buffs will love the interesting sights and relics to be found at the Philippine Military Academy. You can also watch scheduled parades and drills on weekends.

Mount Pulag: If you’re the type that loves chic places and going on the trail, Mount Pulag – Luzon’s highest peak -- offers some of the best of the latter in the country.