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Inaladelan Island Resort

Bask in a powder-fine white sand beach, swim with sea turtles close to shore, gather around a bonfire and sleep under the stars—at Inaladelan Island Resort, the possibilities are endless!

Located off the coast of Port Barton in San Vicente, this private 12-hectare island is Palawan’s newest camping paradise where you can experience the laidback beach life and immerse in the beauty of nature.

Camp, dine, and unwind—all these and more await you at the Inaladelan Island Resort!

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Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan

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About Inaladelan Island Resort

Who It’s For: Palawan has been consistently at the top of the list of the world’s most beautiful islands. In fact, Traveler + Leisure Magazine has crowned Palawan the best island in the world from 2015 to 2017. It’s easy to see why this is the case: the island is replete with long stretches of white sand beaches, lush ocean life, hidden lagoons, and other natural wonders such as the underground river in Puerto Princesa.

For many, the best way to experience Palawan is to visit popular landmarks like the aforementioned underground river or engage in activities like scuba diving. However, there is something to be said about an “unplugged” vacation and simply enjoying nature in its purest form. That’s what awaits you at the Inaladelan Island Resort, located in San Vicente.

Backpackers and Nature Lovers: If you’re looking for a truly unique Palawan experience, forget about hotels for a while and consider camping and sleeping under the stars -- and the perfect place to do it is at Inaladelan Island Resort. The 12-hectare private island is located off the coast of Port Barton is a veritable camping paradise, giving you spectacular views of the ocean. You may even get the chance to see and interact with sea turtles, since these lovable, peaceful creatures are often seen swimming near the island’s shore. At night, you can light up and sit around a bonfire to roast s’mores and enjoy the company of your fellow campers and the beauty of the night sky.

“Unplugged” Vacationers: Enjoy the beauty of nature in a private, quiet environment. Inaladelan has a portable generator to ensure that you will have a comfortable stay, but only enough so that you will still be able to have an unplugged experience that is unhindered by technology. Swim in crystal clear waters, enjoy fruits in season and freshly cooked food served right off the grill, and play some sports or board games by the beach for a truly peaceful vacation.

Outdoorsmen: If you love the outdoors, then Inaladelan is the best way to indulge in the beauty of Palawan. You can sleep in a tent on the beach, gaze at the stars in the clear night sky, and wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. What could be a better, more beautiful outdoor experience?


In order to give you the most peaceful vacation, Inaladelan Island Resort only uses a portable generator for its electricity needs. It is turned on at 5 in the morning and turned off at 12 midnight to ensure to preserve the tranquility of the environment as much as possible. The staff provides solar chargers should you need to restore your mobile phone’s battery.

For camping gear, Inaladelan provides camping tents and foam beds and pillows for your beachside comfort. The island has a supply of fresh water from the mainland, which you can use for bathing, washing hands, and other similar activities; potable water can be bought from the bar. There are also common bathrooms for your hygiene needs, although everything is kept simple to preserve the authentic island experience.

Inaladelan Island Resort also has an armed security guard to keep the peace and ensure the safety of the staff and guests. And should the need arise, the staff can provide a well-stocked first-aid kit.


Apart from camping, there are also various activities you can engage in at Inaladelan to fully enjoy your Palawan vacation.

● Eat delicious meals at the garden-style pavilion and get refreshing drinks at the Inaladelan bar.

● Engage on a beach volleyball match with your friends and fellow guests.

● Play boardgames to sharpen your wits and inject some competitive fun in your peaceful vacation.

● Swim with the pawikan that are often seen at the shore. If you visit in January, you might be fortunate enough to see these creatures during the hatching season.

● What’s a camping trip at the beach without a classic bonfire? Light up the campfire, engage in thought-provoking conversations, see the stars, then retire to your tent for a good night’s sleep.