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Hotel Monticello Tagaytay

Hotel Monticello exudes the kind of quiet charm you’d be looking for if you’re thinking of paying a visit to the famous local ‘Windy Ridge’. Managed by the same group behind Cintai Corito’s Garden and the Microtel chain of hotels, you can expect the same excellent service and comfortable, clean and well-furnished rooms you find in both establishments.

Hotel Monticello will surprise you with little things you won’t expect like a heated lap pool and spacious kiddie pool for your little ones. What else? You’ll have to pay a visit to find out.

Contact Info

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Brgy. Kaybagay South, Tagaytay
(046) 552 5238
(0977) 831 0088

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About Hotel Monticello Tagaytay

Who It’s For: Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is one of the Cavite highlands’ premier boutique hotels. With its modern features, complete array of amenities and breathtaking views, Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is an excellent choice whether you’re staying alone, with a partner or with a group.

Families: With twin, quad, veranda and penthouse accommodation choices, couples traveling with children will definitely find sufficient space for everyone. After settling in, the hotel’s facilities and nearby attractions will guarantee that there’s something to do for adults and children alike.

Couples: With contemporary furnishings, modern comforts and dark wood room finishes that go well with Tagaytay’s scenic views, Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is an excellent choice for couples who need a brief escape from the city’s stresses. Excellent dining options, a temperate lap pool, and an in-house spa are all readily available to cater to a couple’s every need.

Groups of Friends: Tagaytay is known as a quick stop just outside the metro for connecting with nature and getting a taste of a little adventure. Next time you decide to go on a Tagaytay trip with friends, strongly consider Hotel Monticello Tagaytay for the ultimate combination of fun and relaxation.

Companies: Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is an excellent pick for business gatherings, too. With its multiple function rooms, grand ballroom, wireless internet access, and array of accommodation options, this is a perfect venue for seminars, conferences, company parties, and more.


Spa Nothing makes a staycation more complete than a soothing massage session at a spa. At Hotel Monticello Tagaytay, a team of experienced and professional therapists will ensure that your aching muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated. These therapies are proven to reduce stress and improve circulation, allowing you to sleep better and feel more vigorous afterwards.

Restaurants: One of the best things about Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is its extensive array of dining options. Whether you want to snack on comfort foods at Cafe Mercedes or you want an evening drink at the Roma Piano Bar, your gastronomical needs will be met by the staff.

Outdoor Pool: Temperature-Controlled Lap Pool and Kiddie Pool – Tagaytay isn’t exactly the first place you think of when you want to go swimming, but the hotel has you covered in case you feel like taking a dip. With temperature-controlled lap and kiddie pools, you and your children can take leisurely swims virtually anytime you want it.

Ballroom and Function Rooms: Ballroom and Function Rooms – With its ballroom, function rooms and lounges, Hotel Monticello Tagaytay is fully-equipped to accommodate business gatherings of almost any scale.


Tagaytay is popular among local and international tourists for a few good reasons: it has the best view of the world-famous Taal Crater Lake, it has several beautiful parks, it boasts a vibrant hospitality industry, and it has every modern comfort that can be expected from a contemporary Asian city. Here are just a few of several places that you shouldn’t miss when you stay at Hotel Monticello Tagaytay:

Picnic Grove: Dining in a hotel is great, but you can that anywhere in the country. Tagaytay, on the other hand, is one of the few places where you can put all the goodies in a basket for some old-fashioned picnic fun. As the name suggests, Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove is the perfect place to do that thanks to the soft, grassy patches situated in gorgeous vantage points that overlook surrounding lowlands.

Puzzle Mansion: Georgina Lacuna’s Puzzle Mansion is home to a Guinness world record-holding collection of 1,028 jigsaw puzzles that are on display and open for public viewing. Whether you like jigsaw puzzles or not, it’s hard not to be impressed with what this tourist spot has on display.

People’s Park in the Sky: If you’re wondering where the highest point in Tagaytay is, that would be The People’s Park in the Sky. With benches to sit on and ornaments around you, this is the best place to enjoy cool mountaintop air as you look down at the majestic Taal Lake.

The Bathhouse at Qiwellness Living: As the name suggests, the Bathhouse at Qiwellness Living offers relaxing soaks in hot tubs situated in spots where you can enjoy views of the Taal Lake. With its Chinese design theme and friendly service from the staff, this attraction is sure to promote relaxation and wellness for anyone who visits.