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Hacienda Isabella

Hacienda Isabella hearkens back to simpler times when Spanish-style structures and wide expanses of greenery were common. Lucky for us, we’ve got this place.

It has preserved everything there is to love about ‘getting away from it all’—fresh air and lots of space to stroll in, decorated verandas with ultra-comfy seating, delicious home-cooked food, plus photo-worthy spots from corner to corner too.

Hacienda Isabella is famous for being one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the country. Now with its recent expansion to 60 rooms, it’s definitely in the running to be one of the most beautiful places to stay in as well.

Contact Info

8 Carasuchi St., Brgy. Carasuchi
Indang, Cavite
(0947) 890 5368

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About Hacienda Isabella

Who It’s For: Those who crave the simple times -- charming Spanish-inspired homes and structures, wide fields of green ready for picnics and leisurely strolls, fresh and crisp air that awakens the senses -- will find that Hacienda Isabella is the perfect getaway.

Filipino pop diva Kuh Ledesma is the visionary behind Hacienda Isabella. From her vast background in the arts -- brought about by traveling and international performances and her own design and business experience -- Hacienda Isabella was born and is now one of the top wedding venues in the country.

Beautiful Garden Weddings: Those looking for a fairy-tale-perfect place to say their I do’s will love the ambiance of Hacienda Isabella. Surrounded by trees and flowers and old-world Spanish architecture, Hacienda Isabella is a charming and elegant place for a beautiful ceremony and reception. Picturesque churches like St. Gregory the Great Parish Church in Indang and Palocpoc Church in nearby Mendez are also nearby for Catholic ceremonies. Hacienda Isabella is also the perfect place for photo shoots before and after the wedding.

Exclusive Staycations: To date, Hacienda Isabella has 60 rooms to host solo travelers, groups of friends, and big families. Each of the rooms can accommodate up to 10 people, and are designed with classic comfort and simple pleasures in mind. Vintage decorations, carved wooden doors and furniture, no-frills yet comfortable beddings, and views of the garden provide a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Home-cooked meals and the sounds of nature, coupled with Filipino hospitality, further enhance the experience. Hacienda Isabella guarantees that the venue is not booked completely at any single time to make sure that everyone will receive the utmost attention that they deserve.

Team Building Activities and Company Retreats: Hacienda Isabella’s sprawling grounds make it and an ideal place to hold different activities for a company team building exercise. The peaceful environment is also conducive to reflection, and for forging stronger bonds of friendship and camaraderie that will surely help your team achieve their goals. Visit Hacienda Isabella and give your employees a well-deserved break from the daily grind.


At Hacienda Isabella, no two rooms are the same. Designed with various Filipino, Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, and Moroccan inspirations and elements, all the rooms are deliberately lacking touches of modern technology like televisions. This is to ensure that you will have a truly relaxing stay. However, Hacienda Isabella provides a WiFi connection that is sufficient for basic activities like checking and updating your social media feeds and sending emails.

The estate is designed so that movement flows freely; every area from the garden, to the pool, to the houses and rooms can be reached without having to take a circuitous route. And even if you have booked only just the one room, you are free to explore the space (which was previously a coffee plantation) to take some photos or simply just sit and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.

The restaurant serves Filipino classics and international dishes with a distinct Pinoy twist. They also focus on healthier fare, so expect not only delicious but also wholesome meals. The trademark dessert -- Hacienda Isabella’s own take on the buko salad -- is made fresh from coconuts harvested from the hacienda’s trees.

THINGS TO DO: The best thing to do in Hacienda Isabella is simply to sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful environment. It’s a great way to recharge your mind and body, so that you’re ready to take on new challenges. Hacienda Isabella is adorned with various art pieces -- original and replicas of paintings and sculptures, antique pieces like typewriters and cameras, and old leather trunks give the place a charming rustic vibe that’s perfect for immersing yourself in art.

However, if you’re looking for more things to do or explore you can certainly head out and visit cultural and religious landmarks, like the St. Gregory the Great Parish Church or the Indang Town Square to learn more about the town’s history. You can also pay a visit to the public market to shop for authentic Indang specialties.

There are also nearby tourist spots like the Tibagan River and the Palsahingin Falls. Drop by and experience the beauty of nature, whether it’s simply taking photos or bathing in the clean, rushing water.