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Grand Sierra Pines Baguio

Perched on the quaint side of Baguio, Grand Sierra Pines Baguio provides a truly unique experience for guests to relax and commune with nature, building its facilities in and around the towering pine trees and harvesting rain water as one of its sustainability initiatives.

This Cordillera-inspired boutique hotel combines nature and culture together through its interiors, on-site festivities, National Art Gallery, and simple hospitality Baguio folks are known for. It also puts you steps away from the major tourist attractions so that you won't miss a single heartbeat of the vibrant city.

Discover this hidden gem and rediscover the Baguio you’ve loved.

Contact Info

43 North Outlook Drive
corner Arellano St., Baguio
(074) 619 0488
(0939) 349 4950
(0956) 280 2618

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About Grand Sierra Pines Baguio

Who It’s For: Grand Sierra Pines Baguio is an excellent place to stay if you’re looking to stay in Baguio to unwind. With its trademark hospitality and modern amenities, this hotel is bound to enhance your stay in the City of Pines whether you’re traveling with family, friends or colleagues.

Families: Grand Sierra Pines Baguio has a sizeable array of family rooms that can accommodate couples traveling with their children. A library, a spa, and a fitness center are also accessible within the hotel to ensure that there’s something for everyone regardless of age.

Couples: Few things are as romantic as snuggling up with your special someone in Baguio’s cool mountain weather. With our cozy rooms, spa, art gallery and dining options, there are plenty of experiences to be had with your partner.

Groups of Friends: With its parks, malls, nightlife and cultural attractions, Baguio City is among the most fun places you can visit with your friends. Make Grand Sierra Pines Baguio your base of operations for your next visit and have even more fun in the Philippines’ premier highland destination.

Companies: Aside from its Deluxe and Superior rooms, Grand Sierra Pines Baguio has a function room that’s ideal for seminars and conferences. The great thing about this venue is that the logistics will be handled just by one team. Food, presentation materials, accommodations and other elements of a business gathering will be taken care of by Grand Sierra Pines Baguio’s experienced staff.


Wellness Spa: With a professional, experienced and well-trained team of massage therapists, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa has the magic touch to promote healing and well-being. While massage facilities are all over big cities these days, nothing is more relaxing than receiving a massage in an all-natural backdrop where the sound of soft music, waves and breezes are all you can hear.

Outlook Steak & Grill: Grand Sierra Pines Baguio’s Outlook Steak & Grill is consistently mentioned as one of the top places to dine in Baguio City. With its large selection of local and international dishes, plus their signature Sous Vide steaks, this is a can’t-miss culinary experience.

Atrium Lobby Café: If you’re looking for popular comfort foods and other treats, the Atrium Lobby Café is a great option. The café also serves the hotel’s breakfast from 6:00 AM onwards.

Art Gallery: Fancy a little art? There’s no better place to stay in Baguio than the rand Sierra Pines is that’s the case. Our exhibits are open for guests to appreciate and draw inspiration from.


Bohol is one of the Philippines’ top destinations as far as tourism is concerned.

Burnham Park: Next to Manila’s Rizal Park, this one might be the most popular park in the Philippines. Take leisurely walks or jog along trails line with a variety of flora. If you start to get a little winded, take a rest in one of the benches overlooking the park’s man-made lake where people can rent boats and paddle across the water.

Botanical Garden: If a little time to connect with nature is what you seek, the City of Pines’ famous botanical garden is just for you. As you’d expect, you’ll see plenty of flowering and non-flowering plant species. What you may not anticipate is the fact that this place is considered a very spiritual ground by native Igorot people who believe that the spirits of their ancestors dwell in this patch of lush landscape.

Camp John Hay: Another park known for its refreshing sights and natural beauty, Camp John Hay has plenty to offer tourists visiting Baguio. Visit The Manor where you can enjoy sumptuous meals and buy delicious pastries from their famous bakery. Visit the stores in the camp where clothing and other dry goods are sold. If you’re in a thrill seeking mode, stop by Treetop Adventure for ziplining and other off-the-ground activities.

Asin Hot Springs: Baguio isn’t exactly known for resorts, but it has some notable places where you can take a relaxing dip. The Asin Hot Springs, for instance, feature hot and cold water pools that draw water from the underground. In addition to the pools and the thrilling water slide, the mountaintop location of this resort provides amazing views of the Philippines’ most famous plateau city.