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GLOW by Excelsior

The true mark of a healthy woman is her glow factor. The way she radiates with a lit from within look is enviable. Thankfully, GLOW by Excelsior is here to get you to that coveted state with relaxation and pampering care of their expert staff.

For skin and laser treatments, IV drips, massages, and even nail services, make GLOW by Excelsior your only destination.

Contact Info

3rd Level Wellness Zone, Robinsons Galleria
Ortigas Center, Quezon City
(02) 8359 8608
(02) 7794 2721
(0917) 850 5858
(0925) SWEDISH (7933474)

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About GLOW by Excelsior

Every woman would want to have that beautiful glow that will make people glance and take notice.

GLOW by Excelsior is a full-service spa-salon which offers what you need to get that head-turning glow factor from head-to-toe: get nail services, facials, skin treatments, massage, waxing, and body treatments. Feel completely at ease in a charming, luxurious tropical safari inspired spa, located in the Wellness Zone of Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. Convenient for getting aesthetic treatments like a rejuvenating Hydrafacial, a confidence-boosting underarm whitening treatment, and more services so you can be your most manicured self.

Therapeutic massages in different techniques are offered by trained massage therapists to help relieve stress and anxiety. They also offer Spa packages for you and your friends to get pampered on location for your special occasions like a debut party or a bridal party. Special treatments like IV drips, eyebrow threading, and eyelash extensions are also offered.

Perfect For: Ao quick visit during the weekend for relieving stress after a long work week. Restore your beautiful and eye-catching glow before heading back to the daily grind.

Bestselling Services

Hydrafacial for Glowing Skin: Healthy glowing skin is yours, with deep nourishment and hydration delivered by the salon’s Hydra Machine. It infuses the deep layers of your skin with revitalizing Vitamin C serum for that extra radiance. The treatment is complete with a health stimulating facial massage, a clarifying and exfoliating scrub, a quick steam, and blackhead and whitehead pricking, to prep the skin before the vitamin C infusion. And then after, a sunblock or a moisturizer will be applied for extra care.

Underarm Whitening Package: Gluta Scrub + Peel + Mask: Get confidence from underarms that are clear, fair and well-pampered. This package is a combination of a Gluta Scrub, Peel, and Mask. A special treat for your pits! Begins with a cleansing of your underarms, followed by a whitening scrub. And then gets rid of dullness and roughness with a dead skin buffing diamond peel. After that, a whitening mask will be smoothed on. And lastly, a hydrocortisone lotion will be applied to protect against irritation.

30-Minute Body Scrub + 60-Minute Full Body Massage: Get that glow radiating from within by getting a stress relieving a body scrub and full-body massage. An exfoliating phyto pumpkin scrub infused with mineral oils will smoothen your skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. After a quick shower, you can relax and enjoy, as you feel your muscle tension and stress floating away with a therapeutic massage style of your choice (Shiatsu or Swedish massage).

Glutathione IV Drip: Want to finally achieve that radiant skin you’ve always wanted? Get your fix of glutathione and vitamin cocktail through intravenous infusion: a combination of 5000mg glutathione, 1500mg vitamin C, 300mg vitamin E, 250mg vitamin B3, 100mg vitamin B5, 200mg alpha lipoic acid, and 350mg collagen extract administered expertly through an IV drip. Aside from dramatically improving your complexion, this treatment will also do wonders for boosting your immune system.