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Ginza Bairin

What sets Ginza Bairin apart from other Katsu places? Since opening their first branch in Ginza in 1927, this award-winning establishment has gotten their technique down pat: using only Japan-approved quality meat, fresh-made panko breadcrumbs, and cottonseed oil that contains zero trans fats and fries to superior lightness. They’re also known for pioneering the deliciously sticky-sweet Tonkatsu sauce we all know and love (to eat) today.

Get your fix for authentic, shatter-crisp, juicy katsu in a variety of delectable shapes and forms rat Ginza Bairin.

Contact Info

Ginza Bairin

Level 1, Garden Restaurants
EDSA corner North Ave.
Quezon City
(0917) 852-9975

Redemption Hours:
Monday to Thursday:
10AM to 9PM
Friday to Sundays:
10AM to 10PM

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