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Foot Zone Wellness Makati

Foot Zone Wellness Makati brims in space, stillness, and privateness—juxtaposing the bustling life in Makati. Ambient dim lights dot its homey, sophisticated interiors to create just the perfect sanctuary to soothe weary souls with comfort and heavenly indulgence. Revel in your own private suite, put your feet up, and let the incredible healing hands of their Reflexology Master-trained therapists do the magic.

It's time you discover a haven of well-being, peace, and divine relaxation that is Foot Zone Wellness Makati.

Contact Info

3rd Floor Sunshine Place St.
56 Jupiter, Makati
(0977) 854 7709
(0949) 887 7612
(02) 542 7709

Redemption Hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 12PM - 11:30PM

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