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F45 Training

Straight from down under, F45 Training is here to give you a fantastic way to do HIIT and Functional Training!

USA, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and India are among the several countries that have been hit by the F45 explosion. This revolutionary fitness system features high intensity workouts that combine strength and conditioning in a supportive team environment that pushes yourself to new limits. Suitable for all ages, this innovative systemized workout has six different types of programs that cater to different fitness goals.

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Bel-Air Makati
Fitcamp Elite 45 Inc (F45 Bel-Air Makati)
3/F Zuellig Building Makati Avenue
corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati
(0917) 143 4262

Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
Unit 25, 2/F North Tower
Rockwell Business Center Sheridan
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
(0955) 054 4458

BlueBay Walk, Pasay
BlueBay Walk building corner EDSA
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay
(0945) 572 9711

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About F45 Training

Looking for a workout routine that will deliver results? Hit up F45 Training located in the best gyms in BGC, Mandaluyong, and MOA, and get ready for workouts that will change your life.

What is F45 Training?

F45 Training​ is the expertly crafted revolutionary workout to hit the shores of the ​Philippines straight from the land down under. Born in Australia in 2012, it was conceptualized around the idea of providing members a supportive environment in ​group training facility featuring the most effective and dynamic workout styles, lead by charismatic instructors, and having it accessible to everyone.

F45 stands for Functional training, done in 45-minutes, which is how long each session runs for. It combines the elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT, as it is more popularly known), Circuit Training and ​Functional Fitness Training. The Philippines ​has never seen a more effective combo, proven to be a powerhouse workout method for burning fat, building lean muscle, and improving core stability.

Innovation. Motivation. Results.

That’s the lifeblood of ​F45 Training​. Because what is it that will stop you from reaching your fitness goals? It is when you cannot have sustained motivation to drive up to the results you want, right? Its creators formulated the perfect workout environment. They use the powerful motivator tool of a group setting and combined it with fresh innovative workout styles in each session that is never done twice, amping up your motivation. The combination of the three workout styles gave birth to 31 unique 45-minute workout experiences, and more underway. This gives you enough variations, so you’ll never get bored of the same old workout.

And then top it off with a highly systematized boutique studio setting, integrative technologies of video workouts, and F45-branded DJ playlist in the background, and be totally set up for success!

The 450 ​F45 Training ​studios in just about 18 countries around the world is a testament to how this workout has impacted many around the globe. It is the fastest growing workouts studio network in Australia, with already with 3 epicenters in the Philippines. Not yet convinced? Why not ask Hugh Jackman, Ricky Martin and Nicole Richie, only some of the celebrities who has already been hit by this hot workout.

Whether you are a devotee or it’s only your first time trying this out, have fun and feel welcome in a supportive team environment. Get familiar with their daily scheduled unique workouts, or join their weekly mini-challenges. Or even take it a step further and the hack their 8-week ultimate global challenge dubbed the “F45 Challenge”. Win bragging rights and cash prizes to boot!

Perfect For: Getting in a workout before or after work, and beating that weightloss plateau. Shape up, tone up and get rid of that stubborn fat. Become leaner, faster and more agile. Or join if you want to shake off that sluggishness, and rev up!


Just starting out? Jump in and take 12 Sessions of ​F45 Training ​Classes that are redeemable at their Mandaluyong and Pasay branches. Take your pick from their unique daily workout routines, book your classes and get ready to push past your limits.