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Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Nestled in one of the Philippines’ most popular destinations known for its powdery white-sand beaches and outstanding dive sites, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is a 16-hectare luxury resort that boasts of unparalleled service and world-class amenities.

With the promise of a private and tranquil escape, coupled with top-notch service and facilities, it's the perfect getaway for those who simply want to get away from it all.

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Brgy. Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol

For Inquiries & Reservations:
(02) 654 6480
(02) 656 4205

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About Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Who It’s For: Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is ideal for visitors looking for luxury. This sprawling beachfront complex spans 16 hectares and faces the Bohol Sea thanks to its location at the island’s southern tip. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stay by the coast or adventure in a tropical island paradise, there’s something for you at this 5-star resort in Panglao.

Families: There’s plenty to do for families of all sizes at Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa. Children can play in the sand, take a dip in the calm Bohol Sea, or play indoor and outdoor games. Adults, on the other hand, will appreciate the delectable food served on site along with leisure amenities such as the spa where their team of experienced therapists soothe your tired and aching muscles.

Couples: Relationships are best nurtured with some alone time in a romantic setting. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is exactly the kind of place where you and your partner can stow away to for a few days to spend quality time and enjoy nature’s beauty in the heart of paradise.

Groups of Friends: Barkadas are most welcome to visit Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa anytime they want. With world-class accommodations, modern conveniences, and lots of opportunities for tropical thrills, this resort is an excellent choice for big and small groups alike.


Accommodations: Big, clean and air-conditioned rooms await you at Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa. Individual rooms and villas are available to host families, groups of friends, and couples.

Wellness Spa: With a professional, experienced and well-trained team of massage therapists, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa has the magic touch to promote healing and well-being. While massage facilities are all over big cities these days, nothing is more relaxing than receiving a massage in an all-natural backdrop where the sound of soft music, waves, and breezes are all you can hear.

Watersports: Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa has plenty of options for those seeking some water-based thrills. Jet skiing, kayaking and scuba diving rentals are found in the resort and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Restaurants: With a dazzling mix of local treats and international dishes, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is a place where you’ll never find yourself in short supply of nourishment. Their seasoned and talented chefs are always enthusiastic about the preparation of the next meal while the waiters and waitresses are available to cater to your every dining whim.

Indoor Games: If you ever find yourself a little gassed from outdoor activities, settle indoors for a little rest. Then, enjoy the resort’s more man-made amenities including a Ping-Pong table, as well as chess and scrabble sets.


Bohol is one of the Philippines’ top destinations as far as tourism is concerned.

Chocolate Hills: Hailed as one of the natural wonders of the world, Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills can be described using just its name pretty accurately. These hills look like giant chunks of chocolate dropped across the island during the summer. During the rainier months, they turn lush and green thanks to the growth of vegetation from their bases to their peaks.

Loboc River Cruise: Loboc River is the main freshwater body in the island of Bohol. While visiting it is a nice experience, the only way to fully appreciate it is to go on a cruise aboard a barge where a buffet lunch is served. Here, you can not only appreciate the beauty of the environment, but you’ll also get a taste of Boholano culture thanks to performances organized by the locals.

Balicasag Scuba Diving: The island of Balicasag is home to some of the richest and most diverse habitats of tropical fish in the Philippines. With full scuba gear, you can take a plunge down the turquoise waters and experience a whole new world hidden just beneath the waves.

Whale Watching in Pamilacan Island: Seeing hundreds of tropical, brightly-colored fish is one thing. Seeing whales in their natural habitat is quite another. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Pamilacan Island if the season is right. Witness these majestic creatures while you sit aboard your boat and gain a whole new level of appreciation for wildlife.