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Daily's Diet Delivery

Daily's Diet Delivery believes that more than losing weight or gaining muscle, one needs to build a healthy and positive lifestyle.

It's not all about the numbers on the scale, but the discipline learned through portion-controlled meals and regular exercise. You don't need to completely cut out flavorful food, carbs, and dessert—eating smart will teach you that. Whether it's to lose weight, muscle up, or manage a medical condition, there's something on their menu for you!

Daily's Diet Delivery brings calorie-counted, balanced meals directly to your doorstep, so you can achieve your goals effortlessly.

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(0920) 978 8618
(0956) 284 1962

They actually cook real meals with love

In the entire 2 weeks of my subscription I appreciated the variety of their food... Unlike others who just throw in chicken breasts and season them randomly (BORING) they actually cook real meals with love. You can feel it. It’s balanced with a mix of vegetables, meat, fruits, pastries, and rich soup.


Gives you the perfect balance of nutrients

These diet delivery services make sure that their weekly menu meets the right amount of nutrients that an average body would need. Daily’s Diet does this by having a registered nutritionist dietician who calculates the amount of Macronutrients and calories one gets from different food groups, to give you the perfect balance of nutrients.

Geoffrey Ledesma

I felt FULL but surprisingly still lost weight after a month!

I felt FULL but surprisingly still lost weight after a month! Most people have this notion that when you’re on a diet, the food you eat does lack taste. While this may be true for some diets, it is definitely NOT the case with Daily’s Diet. Each meal they delivered was prepared well and in fact very flavorful!

Cheryl Villareal