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Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel

Managed by the prestigious Manila Hotel, Cowrie Grill—an iconic symbol of the 70's—has always remained a favorite among the high-end dining crowd.

Loyal customers revere its signature steak dishes and table side preparation in an elegant ambience. Those who remember the original steakhouse in Manila Hotel will be pleased to know that their lavish display of original cowrie shells cast in a soft amber glow still remains intact at their new setting.

Contact Info

G/F Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Centre
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 8463 1993

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About Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel

An iconic symbol of the glamorous 70’s, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel continues to shine to this very day. Now in its new home at the center of Greenhills, San Juan, this highly rated restaurant is as glamorous and sophisticated as ever.

Experience the same level of dining excellence and first-class services from Cowrie Grill, which is still under the management of the illustrious Manila Hotel. With its serene elegance and sophisticated interiors, you’ll still feel as if you’re inside Manila Hotel while dining at this upscale steakhouse.


While the food at Cowrie Grill is to die for, the uncompromised attention to detail and meticulous service of the staff is what keeps its sumptuous spirit alive. This ritzy restaurant still commands a following from the guests who have dined in its grand halls for years. At the same time, Cowrie Grill continues to open its doors to a new generation of discerning diners falling head over heels for its magnificent cuisine.

Nostalgic Vibe: Feel a sense of nostalgia while dining at Cowrie Grill. The trademark Cowrie chandeliers still hang from the elevated ceiling and the cuisine is still as delectable as ever.

Romantic Ambiance: Dine under the soft amber glow of the original cowrie shell lamps or be tucked away in one of the cozy booths framed by opulent drapes. Cowrie Grill’s elegant interiors is a picture-perfect setting for dates or intimate celebrations.

Outstanding Table Service: Having confident and knowledgeable staff who know the menu inside and out definitely adds to the overall experience. What sets Cowrie Grill’s staff apart is they know how to serve a fine steak and create complex culinary dishes in front of guests. Some of the dishes, such as the Maitre D’ Caesar Salad and the Baked Alaska, are prepared right at your table.

Fine Dining Experience: Cowrie Grill was already hosting the metro’s high society even before fine dining became a thing in the country. From the intricately folded table napkins to its gleaming wine glasses, Cowrie Grill knows how to stay classy.

Open Kitchen: See the country’s best chefs in action at the restaurant’s open kitchen. You’ll definitely be impressed with their impeccable culinary skills as well as their meticulous preparation of each and every meal.


Cowrie Grill continues its decades-long tradition of offering the choicest meats and the freshest seafood in the metro. Once you get a taste of the hand-cut, expertly grilled steaks, you’ll discover why this celebrated restaurant still hasn’t lost its golden touch.

Escargots Au Beurre Persillé: Sample one of France’s most beloved dishes at Cowrie Grill. Prized snails are carefully cleaned and generously topped with marbled butter and parsley before being baked to the point of exquisite silky goodness.

Lobster Thermidor:
Surf and Turf Combo: Choose from two different sets of the Surf and Turf Combo. Each set includes a robust slab of Angus beef rib, mixed mushroom risotto, baked garlic, and garden vegetables. A deconstructed salad is prepared right at your table and heralds the start of the feast. For the surf variant, you choose between Chilean sea bass and a slipper lobster tail. You end up a winner whatever you choose as the perfectly cooked steak and the buttery goodness of the lobster and the sea bass will send your taste buds straight into a gastronomic nirvana.

Baked Alaska: Showered with brandy and flambéed until the meringue is perfectly browned, the restaurant’s Baked Alaska is a decadent desert that would ignite the romance in any date. Share this desert and go layer after layer of different textures and delicious sponge to reveal the sinfully delicious strawberry ice cream at the very center.


Located at the ground floor promenade of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Cowrie Grill has plenty of parking space. Whether you are dropping by for a quick infusion of Cowrie Royale at the bar or spending the evening surrounded by gustatory delights, dressing up for amazing food is definitely worth it.

Reservations: Call the restaurant for reservations to ensure table availability.

Dress Code: Please observe the dress code of smart casual attire.

Dining Choices: Cowrie Grill offers both a la carte and set menus from lunch up to dinner.