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Côte Resort

Nesting in the majestic island of Dipaculao, Aurora lies a hidden boutique stay: Côte Resort.

Located at the edge of a 3.6-hectare coconut plantation that houses six atypical container vans as beach cabin accommodations. A diamond in the rough, Côte Resort offers its customers a restful retreat from the busy urban life to rejuvenate the soul by getting in touch with nature.

This secret spot is a paradise for unwinding and letting the waves embrace you with its glory.

Contact Info

Brgy. Lipit, Dipaculao, Aurora
(02) 893 4725

For Reservations and Inquiries:
Rona Joy Palma or Wilfred Tan
(02) 893 4725

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About Côte Resort

Who It’s For: Escape to a hidden boutique resort unlike any other. At Côte Resort, the clear skies, the vast beach, and the towering coconut trees are not just views to enjoy—they’re part of your unique accommodations.

This eco-friendly resort near famous Baler enables you to completely experience the sun-soaked beaches and the lush land framed by the Sierra Madres. Tucked away in the quiet town of Dipaculao, the beach resort brings you close to the world-class surf spots of Aurora, while letting you spend your downtime in your own private oasis.

Couples: Wake up to skies painted in vivid orange blurring to blue and take lazy walks along the wide expanse of beach during sunset. This idyllic lifestyle is what beckons couples to Côte Resort. Spend the day surfing at the beach or touring the historic landmarks of Baler. Celebrate the nights under a blanket of stars while being serenaded with the steady hum of waves.

Groups of Friends: You and your friends will feel as if you’ve been transported to an exclusive paradise island. Reconnect with nature and with each other in a tropical beach setting that’s as luxurious as it is rugged. Surf to your heart’s content or just relax by the uncrowded beach. This is the place to be carefree.


Find this exclusive resort at the fringe of a 3-hectare coconut plantation. Each of the 6 cabins are uniquely designed with a container van frame and with interiors that feature plush beds, air-conditioning, ensuite modern bathroom, and facilities for coffee and tea.

Free Surfing Lessons: What makes Côte Resort an amazing place for learning how to surf? You’ve got no competition. You can go on wave after wave in one of the most secluded beaches in Aurora. Book a free surfing lesson with one of the resort’s seasoned instructors and you’ll be catching and riding the waves in no time.

Free Use of Surfboards and Rash Guards: Surfing is made easy at Côte Resort. No need to fall in line for equipment rentals. All you need to do is step out of your cabin, grab the free-to-use surfboards and rash guards that the resort provides, and paddle out to the sea.

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner—the resort has got you covered. Feast on hearty meals that will give you an energy boost for the thrilling activities laid out for the day.

Night Campfires: Sip on cocktails and dine on fresh offerings from the bountiful sea while relaxing by the warmth of the nighttime campfires during weekends.

Massage: Nothing beats having a long massage by the exclusive beach after a day filled with surfing and exploring. Ask the resort’s approachable staff about the massage services being offered.

Transportation Service: Who wants to be bothered by transportation worries during a vacation? Rent the Côte Van so you can go from Metro Manila to Aurora and vice versa without a care in the world.


The Côte Resort is a tropical getaway that doesn’t isolate you from the rest of the wonderful destinations in the region. You can even book tour packages with the resort’s staff directly for a worry-free exploration of Aurora’s unforgettable spots.

Diguisit Beach: Nestled along Baler Bay, Diguisit Beach entrances travelers with its white sand, robust waves, and picturesque Aniao rock formations. If you’re an advanced surfer, this would be a great place to ride the waves. Climb one of the Lukso-Lukso islets and have a dip in the sea if you’re not into surfing.

Dicasalarin Cove: Get two adventures in one go by taking the trip to stunning Dicasalarin Cove. The journey to this picture-perfect inlet is part of the adventure as you have to take a thrilling 4x4 ride along the steep road leading to it. Head up to Baler Lighthouse to enjoy unparalleled views of the entire cove and its azure waters.

Ampere Beach: Unlike the other Dipaculao beaches where swimming and surfing are the favored pastimes, Ampere Beach entices you to relax and let the sound of the strong waves crashing on the rocks take your worries away. Marvel at the raw beauty of waves thundering into the stones, leaving them smooth and polished.

Dimatubo Mother Falls: Experience the many facets of Aurora with a trip to breathtaking Dimatubo Mother Falls. Getting to the falls situated in San Luis can be challenging as it is an hour-long rough and rocky trek across several river crossings. Reward yourself with a cool swim in the mountain-fed waters after the strenuous trek.