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Costa Pacifica

Welcome to Baler’s deluxe resort destination, Costa Pacifica.

With 106 well-appointed rooms and suites to call home, first-rate facilities that include a kids’ nook and gift shop, service that is nothing short of exemplary, as well as a raved-about dining experience at the Beach House Restaurant—they make sure every stay here is worthy of a repeat visit.

And the location? Spot on. It’s right by Sabang Beach and just a short distance away from some of Baler’s top tourist spots. Head over for an experience that’s one for the books and treat yourself to something better than your usual surfing escape.

Contact Info

80 Buton St., Sitio Labasin,
 Sabang Beach
Baler, Aurora

For Inquiries & Reservations:

(02) 8519 4249

(0917) 844 8371

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About Costa Pacifica

Who It’s For: Costa Pacifica caters to a wide range of travelers of varying ages, backgrounds and interests. Located in scenic Aurora, Baler, this tropical paradise offers surfing adventures that the area is famous for as well as more relaxing activities that everyone can enjoy.

Families: While Aurora’s waters are better suited for surfing than swimming or snorkeling, there are many other things for non-wave riders to do. Cozy accommodations, sparkling outdoor pools, delectable food at the restaurant and land-based adventures await adults and children alike.

Couples: With its relative seclusion in nature’s embrace, Costa Pacifica makes a good destinations for couples on vacation. Soak up the sun here and relax with your loved one as you enjoy the sea breeze and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Groups of Friends: If your barkada is looking for a healthy mix of adventure and relaxation, Costa Pacifica should be on top of your list. Learn to surf together or enjoy leisurely swims in the resort’s outdoor swimming pools. You can also ride all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), go kayaking, take city tours, feast on food made from the freshest ingredients, and enjoy soothing spa sessions to take away all your stresses.


Wellness Spa: Aching muscles and fatigued minds need to be soothed and rejuvenated. For that very reason, Costa Pacifica has a first class spa service where therapists can apply necessary massages and treatments to help promote better health and well-being.

Outdoor Pool: The waves are fun, but if you ever want to take a more relaxing freshwater dip, Costa Pacifica’s outdoor swimming pool is just the thing for you.

Restaurants: Freshly cooked local and international cuisine are served daily by the resort’s restaurant. Sample their culinary masterpieces and come back every now and then for even more mouth-watering delights.

Water Sports: Learn how to surf with the help of Costa Pacifica’s experienced instructors. Surfboards of varying sizes and designs are available if you need to rent one.

ATVs: Want to go for an off-road joyride? ATVs are your best friend and the resort lets you rent them and explore its sprawling grounds.


Aurora, Baler has an incredible number of things to offer anyone who visits. Nestled in the beauty of nature and teeming with cultural appear, this town is a must-visit for anyone who wants to take a breather from the bustle of city life.

Dicasalarin Cove and Bay: This privately owned shoreline has splendid white sand beaches, breathtaking rock formations and clear waters that are perfect for swimming. The water here is a bit calmer than it is in the area’s prime surfing spots, making them ideal for wading around and snorkeling. As you peer under the surface, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling display of corals, fishes and other marine life.

Baler Hanging Bridge: Looking to conquer your fear of heights? This is the ultimate test. Baler Hanging Bridge stretches across the Tibag-Sabang River. While this bridge is guaranteed safe and sturdy, it does rock and sway as people walk over it. Don’t worry, though. The views that you’ll get as you trek across will be more than worth summoning your courage.

Mother Falls: Good things come to those who persevere. If you can handle a 45-minute trek across the forest, Baler’s Ditumabo Mother Falls awaits you. Not only is the cascading water an amazing sight, its cold water pool at the base makes for a refreshing dip.

Museo de Baler: No trip to Baler would be complete without getting to know its culture on a deeper level. Museo de Baler in Quezon Street, Poblacion is just the place for that as displays of the province’s heritage along with some artifacts are put on display. Museum guides are also on hand to tell you amazing facts about local history, allowing you to put the place’s appeal in the proper context.