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Coco Beach Island Resort

Coco Beach Island Resort is a sprawling 10-hectare beach resort that sits in the heart of Puerto Galera. Bordered by crystal clear seas and hills dotted with coconut palms swaying in the breeze, it’s the idyllic getaway from the city bustle.

An amazing 101 Activities in and out of the resort await guests as they settle into cozy facilities crafted from all-natural materials. Coco Beach Island Resort boasts three restaurants, 95 rooms, a tennis court, hanging bridge sports, facilities and more–all blended seamlessly in with the surroundings for a truly nature-inspired getaway.

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Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
(02) 8521 5260
(02) 8526 4594

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About Coco Beach Island Resort

Who It’s For: Coco Beach Island Resort is among Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro’s premier destinations when it comes to rest and relaxation. This 10-hectare resort boasts all-natural materials, pristine waters and rustic appeal as coconut trees sway on the hills while you enjoy a dip in the sea. It has plenty to offer everyone thanks to its natural beauty and its wide range of amenities.

Families: There’s no doubt that adults will enjoy the resort, but what happens when the kids tag along? No need to worry as the resort has plenty to offer younger guests. With large, well-maintained swimming pools and a coconut soap manufacturing facility that’s open to tourists, there are plenty of things to do to keep your children’s minds and bodies active.

Couples: With three restaurants, cabanas, quiet and breezy beaches, Coco Beach Island Resort is an ideal place to get away from the city and let couples enjoy a romantic time. Whether you’re looking to swim in the sparkling beach waters, do some diving or pamper yourself in a spa, the resort has everything you need for an intimate stay.

Companies: If you’re looking to conduct a team-building trip, a conference, or simply a vacation for office-weary employees, the resort is an excellent choice. With its modern comforts and idyllic spot on by the shoreline, Coco Beach Island Resort is perfect for letting employees’ hairs down and enjoying each other’s companies while letting the ocean breeze melt the stresses of the metropolis away.

Groups of Friends: If an adventure for the whole barkada is what you’re looking for, Coco Beach Island Resort is a cut above the rest. It’s built to accommodate even the largest of groups and promotes good fun with its array of dining, wellness and watersport options.


Behiya Spa: What’s better than a full body massage? Having a full body massage by the beach, surrounded by lush coconut trees. Let the expert hands of our therapists soothe your aching muscles, restoring your vigor, improving circulation and promoting overall well-being.

Swimming Pools: If you ever tire of wading through waves and swimming in saltwater, take a dip in one of Coco Beach Island Resort’s swimming pools. These are perfect for people who want a more relaxed swimming experience as well as for smaller children who might find waves a little intimidating.

Restaurants: Local and international dishes await in one of our three restaurants. Take your pick among the available mouth-watering treats or grab a refreshing drink in the bar to re-energize.

Coco Soap Making Facilities: Ever wonder how that delightful, natural coconut soap is made? Coco Island Beach Resort lets you have fun and learn all in one place as they show you the process and the ingredients that go into the product.


Oriental Mindoro has plenty to offer anyone who visits. Aside from the excellent Coco Beach Island Resort, you shouldn’t miss the following tourist spots in this charming town:

Diving and Snorkeling: Declared as a protected marine sanctuary since 1977, Puerto Galera has some of the most fascinating dive sites in the Philippines. From the shallow water coral gardens that are perfect for snorkeling to the famous Shark Cave where advanced divers descend up to 90 feet to observe white tip sharks, Puerto Galera has it all.

Secret Beaches: White Beach and Sabang Beach are famous spots for almost the entire year. If you ever want to get some more time in peace, explore the less known but equally good beaches such as Talipanan Beach for a more serene experience.

Tamaraw Falls: Found in a secluded spot a couple of hours away from the main Puerto Galera area are the Tamaraw Falls. This body of water consists of several streams joining together and cascading down rock formations where they form a pool at the bottom that’s cool, fresh and excellent for a swim.

Mangyan Village: No Puerto Galera experience would be complete without seeing how the original inhabitants of the place live. The Mangyan Village shows exactly how the indigenous Iraya people live as you trek their neighborhoods along streams that flow to the forests. You can also see local handicraft first hand as you witness how woven baskets are made by the women of the community.