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CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge

CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge is a doctor-owned clinic that focuses on your wellness journey.

Their professional team—led by cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic dermatologist, anti-aging physician, and integrative health specialist, Dr. Joseph de Leon—is expert in an extensive range of integrative healthcare, vitamin infusions, and aesthetic dermatology. With doctor-formulated drips and protocols designed by Manila Stem Cell - MSC Skin & Body Clinic, you're sure to be in the best of hands. Whether it's increasing your energy and stamina, strengthening your immune system, or even boosting your radiance, their sole focus is to help you live your best life with genuine care and amazing results.

If you're looking for genuine care and amazing results, CocktailsMD is the one for you.

Contact Info

Festival Mall, Alabang
2/F Wellness Lane, Festival Mall
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang
(0917) 907 2112

SM City Bacoor, Cavite
Lower Ground Floor, SM City Bacoor
(0916) 422 0888

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About CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge

Health and beauty go hand in hand. Indeed, you are at your most beautiful when you are also healthy and full of vitality. CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge is a doctor-owned and patient-centered medical clinic that you will definitely want to visit for both. This medical clinic offers vitamin infusions, booster shots, aesthetic dermatology, and integrative healthcare so you can look and feel your best. Visit them for a Glutathione drip, OxyGeneo facial, underarm laser whitening treatments, among their offerings.

CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge located in the Wellness Lane of Festival Mall, Filinvest Corporate City, derives its name from the cocktail of vitamins clients visit them for in order to achieve health and wellness. Whatever health condition you are in, these medical grade vitamin cocktails will be concocted for you, targeting your specific needs; from boosting your energy and stamina, improving complexion, burning fat, reducing stress, even for sports recovery. These are safely administered to clients as drips by highly qualified professionals in a clinic designed for your comfort.

What is a vitamin drip? It is only one in the list of CocktailsMD’s professionally administered treatments. Intravenous vitamin infusions, or more commonly referred to as vitamin drips, are beneficial liquids that are administered to a client directly to the blood through the veins. Proponents of this treatment would say it allows concentrated vitamins to be delivered directly to the cells, allowing for a faster and more effective nutrient absorption. CocktailsMD Wellness Lounge, aside from vitamin infusions, offers a wide array of beauty and health treatments that are customized for each client, much like a perfect cocktail drink.

Perfect for: anytime you need an immediate effective health or beauty boost in a space that will give you professional and genuine care.

Bestselling Services Express Beauty Treatment: Glutathione + Vitamin C Drips: Targeted to improve skin tone and texture, at the same time enhance liver function and accelerate recovery from ailments such as viral illnesses and wounds. It only takes 30 minutes of intravenous therapy using a combination of 300mg of glutathione and 1500mg of Vitamin C. Weekly sessions for 3 months is recommended to achieve best results.

Lightening Laser for Underarms: Lighten even the most stubborn dark underarms with Skinlight Q-Switch ND:Yag Laser for Underarms, a treatment using 800 to 1000 shots targeting skin pigmentation. In this quick 10 to 20 minute treatment, the light is absorbed by the pigments, effectively lightening the skin. Feel at ease with this pain-free process.

Dermapen Facial Microneedling for Acne Scars: Microneedling technique stimulates collagen production in the skin which effectively removes fine line, wrinkles, and especially problematic acne scars. It comes with pre-treatment cleansing and post-treatment recovery care.

OxyGeneo™ 4-in-1 Super Facial by Pollogen: This is the advanced patented skincare that simultaneously delivers 4 essential treatments: skin exfoliation, infusion of nutrient-rich active revitalizing formulas, oxygenation, skin tightening, and contouring. This treatment will give you fresher, brighter more supple skin with immediate visible results.

Fractional CO2 Laser for 'Korean Baby Skin: A non-surgical, pain-free treatment delivering a powerful infusion of skin-nourishing peptides and vitamins that will revitalize dull skin and tighten pores to achieve that Korean Baby Skin glow. It uses FIREXEL Fractional CO2 laser for a precise treatment, targeting most skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, whitening, and tightening.