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Club Paradise Palawan

Club Paradise Palawan is a 19-hectare island resort in Coron boasting exclusivity, luxury, and lush natural surroundings. Tucked in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the tropical paradise blends seamlessly with nature while still providing modern comforts. A breathtaking island getaway perfect for couples, it features myriad activities like kayaking, paraw sailing, diving, hiking, and island hopping, plus an in-house restaurant and a spa for ultimate pampering.

Fostering Discovery Leisure Company’s genuine “Service That’s All Heart” while paving access to Coron's noteworthy tourist destinations, the beachfront resort is what tropical dreams are made of.

Contact Info

Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan
(02) 719 6971 to 73
(0917) 568 4862
(0917) 827 9852
(0917) 840 1674

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