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Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel is a serene paradise surrounding the beautiful Taal Lake.

This peaceful 14-hectare property offers a prime haven for relaxation and communing with nature in Talisay, Batangas—a short 15-minute drive away from Tagaytay.

Because of its proximity and unparalleled views of the world-famous volcano, Club Balai Isabel is a well-known spot for destination weddings, team building sessions, and family vacations.

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Talisay, Batangas
(02) 8584 4068
(0906) 518 5494

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About Club Balai Isabel

Who It’s For: Club Balai Isabel sits on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake. As you may imagine, this is a getaway destination that’s renowned for its spectacular views, modern comforts and lush backdrop. Club Balai Isabel’s location, features, and services all come together for a memorable road trip destination.

Families: With its sprawling grounds, fresh air, and recreational facilities, Club Balai Isabel is an ideal place for family getaways. An assortment of room types, villas and suites are available to accommodate you and your kids comfortably.

Couples:Whether you’re looking for a romantic time together or you want to have a wedding reception, Club Balai Isabel is an excellent choice for you and your special someone.

Companies: Club Balai Isabel comes equipped with great enclosed and open-air function areas that can be used for meetings, conferences, and even team building activities.

Groups of Friends: If you and your friends are looking for a relaxed place with a touch of adventure, this resort is a solid choice. With its proximity to Taal Lake, its pools, sports amenities and restaurants, you’re sure to have a blast.


Sports Facilities: Nothing helps people bond faster than team games. For that reason, we have a basketball court, a volleyball court and a tennis court ready for use. If you like to get sporty in the water, you can rent a jet ski, a kayak, or a pedal boat.

Swimming Pools: With an infinity pool, a secluded garden pool and a 500 square meter pool, Club Balai Isabel has enough water to satisfy even the biggest swimming enthusiasts.

Obstacle Course: Looking to have fun and to break a sweat at the same time? Give the obstacle course a go and test your agility along with your coordination. This may seem like a simple course, but the fun factor multiplies when you go at it with friends or family.

Terraza Café and Restaurant: Overlooking Taal Volcano and serving local specialties such as Bulalo and Tawilis, Terraza Café and Restaurant is the go-to spot for dining during your Club Balai Isabel stay.

Wellness: Club Balai Isabel’s spa is listed as one of the best in Asia by CNN Go. Our professional and highly-trained therapists are willing and ready to lend their healing touch, massaging your stresses away in tranquility and comfort.


Talisay, Batangas has plenty to offer anyone who visits. Aside from the excellent Club Balai Isabel, you shouldn’t miss the following tourist spots in this charming town:

Hinatuan Falls: Enjoy the reinvigorating view of a pristine waterfall when you visit Hinatuan Falls.

Taal Yacht Club: Want to sail Taal Lake with a touch of luxury? Rent a yacht in the Taal Lake Yacht Club and enjoy the water as well as the watercraft.

J-Cel Boat Station: To truly experience Taal Lake, you have to get on a boat and sail on it. Fortunately, this facility lets you rent one and hop aboard with your family, friends or sweetheart.

Taal Volcano: Go on a guided tour of the smallest but most active volcano in the Philippines. Enjoy nature’s embrace as you trek the slopes and breathe fresh mountain and lakeside air.