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Centro Estetico by Dr. H

Centro Estetico by Dr. H is a 100% Filipino-owned medical and wellness center that provides celebrity-quality aesthetic services at a reasonable price.

Tucked in the bustling Timog Avenue in Quezon City, it offers beauty and cosmetic solutions to produce amazingly visible results. This is done with the center’s state-of-the-art equipment, carefully selected products, and strict medical protocols.

Accredited by the Department of Health, Centro Estetico by Dr. H continues to strive for excellence through research and training to offer the latest and innovative treatments.

Contact Info

Unit 4, Landsdale Commercial Complex
Timog Avenue corner Panay Avenue
Quezon City
(02) 8709 5875
(0998) 536 0280

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About Centro Estetico by Dr. H

Searching for the best place to get flawless skin? Centro Estetico by Dr. H cut through the noise of hundreds of skin treatments available out there. True to its name, it is the center for all the aesthetic treatments and procedures you will ever need to look and feel your best such as wart removal, acne facials, and rejuvenating chemical peels. Visit their clinic to get celebrity-worthy aesthetic treatments at a reasonable cost.

This 100% Filipino-owned medical and wellness clinic, located in Timog Avenue, Quezon City, offers non-surgical aesthetic services, and only the most innovative and effective treatments for amazingly visible results. Choose from a selection of skin care procedures that deliver improvements with minimal to no downtime. Their extensive range of services include skin care treatments, body contouring, and skin tightening, whitening facial, diamond peel treatments, and IPL pain-free hair removal, among others.

Centro Estetico by Dr. H prides itself in giving excellent treatments that are tailored to each client's needs. These are performed by expertly trained therapists and a team of licensed and highly competent doctors, using state-of-the-art facilities. Accredited by the Department of Health, the procedures are done following strict medical protocols, that adhere to the highest standard. The clinic also provides a comfortable and relaxing ambience. Feel completely at ease in their treatment rooms designed to give you comfort and privacy.

Perfect For: Achieving the perfect skin for holiday parties, and whenever you need to look your best. Avail of their non-surgical treatments with no downtime for quick and pain-free skin pampering.

Bestselling Services

Radiofrequency Treatment for the Face: Sagging skin is the dreaded sign of aging. Turn back the clock with this non-invasive procedure for the face, which tightens, lifts and contours your skin. This treatment involves firstly, an application of glycerin oil to moisturize, and then a device is used to deliver targeted heat into the skin. This heating process allows your skin to react and tighten, and to produce more collagen which increases strength and elasticity. This treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Unli Warts/Milia/Syringoma Removal + Diamond Peel & Check-up: Be confidently flawless with this skin care package. This is a combination of a pain-free electrocautery treatment that will leave you warts and skin-tag free, and a diamond peel procedure which will instantly reveal younger radiant looking skin. The wart and skin tag removal involves the application of a topical numbing cream, and then after, an in-house doctor, using a Servotome Machine, will painlessly zap away the blemishes. The session is capped off by having your dead skin cells and skin impurities sloughed away by a diamond peel.

Acne Clearance Face Treatment Package: Get rid of stubborn acne with this package. First, a facial removes cell build up, blackheads, whiteheads, and cleanses papules surface. This readies the skin so it can properly absorb the topical medications that will be administered afterward. And then, next comes the Photodynamic Therapy. This targets stubborn acne with the combination of a specially formulated photosensitizing solution and blue light. And then an Epidermal Growth Factor solution is applied for further treatment of acne lesions, reduction of sebum production, minimizing the chance of those pesky pimples coming back.