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Canvas Boutique Hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel is a visual feast to say the least, ​this property located in the heart of Puerto Princesa is a must-experience hotel stay—it is an adventure in itself.

While it’s the hotel’s​ ​beautiful ​design that makes you want to enter,​ ​the staff's hospitality is what will make you want to stay or come back. So keep your eyes wide open and your heart set on adventure—that’s how they do it at Canvas.

Contact Info

Palawan North Road corner San Juan
Brgy. San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
(0917) 807 1360

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About Canvas Boutique Hotel

Who It’s For: If you’re looking for an inspiring adventure while visiting Palawan, then you certainly can’t pass up a stay at Canvas Boutique Hotel. It offers guests a unique travel experience with its signature architecture and interior design. It’s like walking into an art gallery while getting world class service from its friendly staff and hotel personnel.

Art Lovers: As soon as you walk into the hotel lobby, you can’t miss the gorgeously painted wall murals. Those who have an affinity for art will instantly fall in love with the hotel’s design and interiors.

Family: Parents who want to hone their children’s artistic side will definitely appreciate the sense of cultural and artistic wonder Canvas has to offer. There are also many other interesting places around the Puerto Princesa where parents can take their kids, such as the various cultural museums and parks.

Friends: Canvas is conveniently located near many close by attractions that are perfect for a group of friends. Beach activities, island hopping tours, and city tours are just some of the activities that you can share with your friends while here.

Company Outings: If you want to lend a level of style and culture to your company trips, then Canvas has you covered. The hotel offers various private function areas where you can conduct activities with your fellow employees and then run straight out to the beach right after.


Painted Table Restaurant: Food and art come together at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, Painted Table. The restaurant also doubles as a unique visual gallery as you partake in home cooked Filipino meals. It gives visitors a unique dining experience as they sit in communal tables that are uniquely designed by some of the country’s best street artists and muralists.

Complementary Airport Shuttle:You don’t have to worry about travel arrangements to and from the hotel thanks to their complementary shuttle service. You also don’t need to be in a rush checking out of the hotel since they can easily arrange transportation to the airport once you’re ready to leave.

Private Function Halls: If you’re planning a gathering for either business or pleasure, the hotel has several private halls that can serve your purpose. They have a private lounge that can fit small groups of up to 10, while their conference and banquet hall can seat up to 75 persons for much larger gatherings. What’s more, these spaces are connected to a 20 meter lap pool that gives the area a stylish yet comfortable feel.

Tour Assistance: With so many nearby attractions, some might find it difficult to organize their trip and see the sights. Fortunately, the friendly hotel staff at Canvas Boutique Hotel is always ready to help guests with their travel plans. They can contact partnered tour operators and arrange trip to any of the popular tourist spots.


Underground River: One of the most iconic attractions in Palawan, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must visit location while vacationing here. The unique rock formations make it a place of wonder as you marvel at its natural beauty.

Iwahig Firefly Watching: Spend an enchanting evening on a boat ride that brings travelers to a secluded spot of mangroves filled with fireflies. Coupled with the clear night skies, this gives the place an almost magical feel that

Dolphin Watching: Schools of playful dolphins frequent the shores of the nearby islands. Taking time out of your day to see these graceful creatures is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

City Tour: Puerto Princesa isn’t all about the beach. There are still a lot of interesting places to visit while in the city proper. You can easily go on a day trip to several parks, museums, and even a crocodile farm while here.