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Bungee Workout PH

Finally, the gravity-defying Bungee Workout™ is here to take the Philippine fitness industry by storm. A combination of dance and fitness, the class is a complete acrobatic performance suited for people of all fitness levels. It will whip you into shape with a mix of resistance and cardio training in the most fun way possible!

Try it at the only certified studio in the country, Bungee Workout PH, in Pasig!

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Unit 2008, 20/F AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig
(0918) 823 6588

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About Bungee Workout PH

If your usual workout routine has taken a turn for the mundane, it might be time to mix things up. And what more unusual and exciting fitness activity to try than the first and only Bungee Workout in the Philippines?

By taking up a class at Bungee Workout PH in Pasig, you will learn the trademarked bungee workout at the only certified studio to teach it in the country. It is the workout that has got everyone buzzing, tweeting, and Instagramming with excitement. That class where people are soaring and diving all while getting cardio, muscle tone, and core strengthening workout? This is it. No wonder it has generated so much attention recently.

So, what is it like to do Bungee Workout™?

Bungee Workout™ is a high-impact high-intensity workout that combines fitness and aerobic dance training with acrobatic moves. It has been calibrated for anyone, no matter his or her fitness level. You are literally doing a workout class while an elastic bungee cord is attached to your waist. Just imagine all the fun that brings. The tension and elasticity of the cord add resistance to your moves as your body stretches out the cord, and then, in turn, allows you to recoil as you let the tension go. Doing a workout such as squats, for instance, while attached to the ceiling adds resistance every time you do a dip, which makes for an efficient muscle-toning workout. And because it’s fun, it will make you feel like you’re putting in a lot less effort.

What makes this workout exponentially more fun are the dance and the gravity-defying stunt-like moves you get to do while working up a sweat. Have you always wondered what it must feel like to do Tom Cruise’s mission impossible free-fall move? Wonder no more. And did we mention you get to fly? It incorporates an aerial component, making use of your body weight and gravity for a total body workout.

Though easy and fun to do, the workout also allows you to do high-intensity exercises. With the advantage of the bungee cord, you get to do moves that would not be possible otherwise, like bouncing against walls, doing flips or one hand push-ups. The workout even at its lowest intensity would already involve using all your muscles groups, with a special focus on building your core. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious, do not worry. The coaches are right there to navigate the workout with you, providing you with excellent guidance on how to do exhilarating workout moves, and get the most out of your classes.

Perfect For: Getting out of that workout rut, for building your strength and core while having fun.

Bestselling Services: Drop-in Bungee Session: Drop by the Bungee Workout PH studio to get a strengthening, cardio, and core strengthening workout. It's perfect for men and women of all levels! Experience this trademarked Bungee workout firsthand with one of Deal Grocer's best-priced offers.