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Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati

Bikram Yoga Manila is the first official Bikram Yoga studio in Manila, founded in 2005.

A decade later and this pioneering studio has seen countless devotees drop sizes, tone up, rehabilitate from injury, and increase their overall health and disposition. We love how the studio is friendly to first-timers and long-time practitioners of all ages and sizes!

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1503 88 Corporate Center
141 Valero Street, cor. Sedeño Street
Salcedo Village, Makati
(02) 7576 8391
(0917) 508 6810

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About Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati

Prepared to take the most de-stressing heat you’ll ever experience in your life? Grab your yoga mats and head over to a hot class of ​Bikram Yoga in Makati,​ where you can fully immerse yourself in the discipline and practice of ​Bikram Y​oga, the original hot yoga.

Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati ​is the pioneering studio for B​ ikram​ Yoga in the Philippines. Since 2005, this studio has been helping people tone up, shed the pounds, build strength and flexibility, at the same time achieve mental fitness, and overall wellness. Conveniently located at the Corporate Center in Salcedo Village, Makati, this studio has built a nurturing space that can easily turn this discipline into the new healthy habit you cannot live without.

What is ​Bikram​ Yoga?: It is an offshoot of Hatha yoga that was created by yoga teacher Bikram ​Choudhury. ​It is a practice involving a series of 26 poses taken two times within a 90-minute class. This is done in a room dialed up to a high temperature. If you are wondering why heat is necessary, it actually makes yoga better in at least two ways: it raises the temperature of the muscles which stretches better than cold muscles would. It is the same reason why your gym trainer would always advise you to do warm up exercises before a workout in order to avoid injury. The heat also helps you to sweat out the toxins, activating even your most sleepy sweat glands.

The practice has developed a loyal following with big names and celebrities like Beyonce, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and George Clooney swearing by the practice.

And you can experience it, too. At ​Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati​, you will be taught by qualified instructors in daily sessions, scheduled at the time of the day when you need to get calm and centered the most. Classes are in morning, right before getting lost in the throes of your busy day, and then in the evenings to help you unwind and conclude your night in perfect calm.

Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati​ wants you to succeed. They offer challenges with rewards, the goal of which is motivate you to commit and do classes regularly, assisting you to form that habit and integrate the practice into your lifestyle. No matter your level, whether you are just starting out, or a long-time practitioner, you can feel totally comfortable in its supportive environment.

If you’re on the fence about ​Bikram​ yoga, the studio even offers Donation Yoga Class every Friday, if you want to do a trial class first before fully jumping in.

In the mood for something different? ​Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati ​also offers Yin Yoga and Zumba, with classes available weekly.

Perfect for: Anytime you need a break, to savor alone time, toning up, lose weight, and improving your flexibility and overall wellness, while you’re at it!

Visit the ​Bikram Yoga Manila-Makati​ Studio and take get started with your practice!


1 Month Unlimited Bikram and Yin Yoga Class Passes​ - the original Hot Yoga: Take a month pass to take well-guided classes that will teach you the skills and principles and Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga and Zumba in their comfortable studios.

Attend Slow Paced Relaxing Yin Yoga Classes, which will let you practice the discipline of becoming still. Learn holding poses for minutes at a time to create space for your consciousness to breathe and be free of stress.

Try Dynamic Zumba Classes, a fun workout for any age. The popular dance craze is offered weekly with their slow-paced classes so you can mix it up!