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Astoria Boracay

Astoria Boracay offers quiet comfort with the ease of slipping in and out of the usual island bustle. Designed with Astoria’s signature modern, tropical facade and dotted with hanging loungers, and sun beds for relaxing, it’s the perfect place to chill out with your loved ones.

Despite its casual ambiance, expect the 5-star service and little luxuries Astoria is known offer. Plus, it's a private beachfront resort. Who can say no to that?

Contact Info

Boat Station 1 Boracay Island
Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Aklan

For Inquiries & Reservations:
Alexis Masangkay
(0908) 872 7922

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About Astoria Boracay

Who It's For: Uniquely positioned right between serene Station 1 and trendy Station 2, Astoria Boracay offers you the best of both worlds so that you don’t have to choose. The 3000 square meter property has been furnished with a cheerful modern aesthetic and top-of-the-line amenities that make it a perfect choice for:

Couples: Pairs seeking a respite from the busy city but are also looking for thrilling new experiences would be well-accommodated: enjoy a quiet day of chilling by the pool, then hit the local spots for drinks and dancing when the sun goes down.

Families: Your vacation photos couldn’t find a better backdrop. With a wide variety of activities available for the young and those young-at-heart, the Astoria is an ideal place to spend a weekend away for some family bonding.

Solo travelers:Those doing some soul-searching or seeking new adventures will find the Astoria the perfect place to relax, unwind, and do some much-needed thinking. Its proximity to Station 2 provides ample opportunities to meet new people and make new friends!

Company outings: Take the opportunity to bond and chill with the people you spend most of your week with. At the Astoria, there’s ample space for fun and games that will really solidify any team’s bond.

Groups of friends: If your group is adventurous and very into shared bonding experiences, the Astoria is the perfect place to use as your base in the Philippines #1 beach destination.


Astoria Boracay boasts a wide variety of resort facilities to cater to your every holiday pleasure. Below are some of the highlights:

Pool: For people who may be averse to Boracay’s bustling beachfront, the Astoria has a gorgeous infinity-style pool complete with poolside chairs and cabanas for basking under the sun, sans the noise of the rest of the island.

Beach: Strategically located right at the beachfront, those who came for the waves and famous white sand will feel right at home at the Astoria. The space is exclusive for guests only, so you won’t have to worry about pedestrians taking up spaces or getting too crowded.

Room service: The Astoria provides breakfast in bed, delivered right to your hotel doorstep, or any variety of meals and snacks to satisfy your cravings. Just call down to the kitchen during open hours and indulge.

Restaurant: Buffet breakfast is provided for guests in the spacious dining room that also serves as the hotel restaurant, White Cafe. Gorge yourself on treats such as bacon and eggs and truly get that vacation feeling going.


Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy: Have you always felt like you had a mermaid inside of you, just raring to come out? Have you always wanted to experience the sea as a mythical creature would? Head down to the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy for lessons and unleash your inner Ariel.

Freedive Boracay: Boracay’s first and premiere freediving school offers freediving courses for those in the Beginner and Intermediate levels who wish to explore underwater in unconstrained ways.