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Alba Restaurante Español

An institution in Manila’s restaurant scene, Alba Restaurante Español has satisfied generations of food lovers by serving traditional, home-cooked Spanish fare. We love the warm, rustic ambiance reminiscent of a village in Barcelona at this TripAdvisor-recommended establishment.

A celebration of life, a feast of flavors and a restaurant steeped in tradition for over 60 years—these are just some of the reasons why its loyal following keeps on growing.

Contact Info

Alabang, Muntinlupa
Commerce Ave., Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02) 771 2178 to 79

Bel-Air, Makati
38 Polaris St.
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 896 6950 to 51 (02) 890 4372

Prism Plaza, Pasay
4/F Two E-Com Center, Harbour Drive
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
(02) 384 6344
(02) 808 2326
(02) 808 8210

Don Alba is the best paella chef in the country

There's no formula to the best paella. It is having the perfect timing, the correct taste, the right feel for the seasonings and especially the broth, the good eye and sense to check on the arroz. He makes those paellas "we die for" because he's been making them since we were just kids. Time has seasoned and spiced up his paellas, just like it has done to him. No question about it. Don Alba is the best paella chef in the country --Padre de Paellas Pilipinas!

Nancy T. Reyes
Food Magazine

Among the many Spanish restaurants in Manila, probably no other can lay claim to having the longest staying power than ALBA. The man behind it is Anastacio de Alba, a native of Avila in Spain, who first set foot on this shore on February 7, 1952. For an individual like him, who has been cooking for a period of almost 40 years, one can easily assume that the man has a love of his craft.

Chona S. Trinidad
Philippine Graphic

Malasa, that's what Filipino cooking is all about. In the classic, refined sense of the word, it's what Don Alba's cooking is also all about. He has become an institution, THE KING OF SPANISH CUISINE!

Abe Florendo

Quite possibly a textbook example of the perfect restaurant.

Awesome food? Check. Live music by professionals? Check. Good service, good prices, good everything? Check, check, check. The variety of food on hand might not be that much for some people who are used to other more popular buffets, but the questions is - do you really need that many dishes to choose from? At one popular buffet place, for example, I only eat maybe 10 out of their 150 available dishes. Here at Alba's I eat every single one of their 30-something dishes - from their Paella, to their crackers and dips, to their heavenly desserts. Everything is quaint to the eye, to the ears, and to the tongue. Perfect, just perfect.

Rafael M.