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Acuaverde Beach Resort

One of the most sought-after resorts to open in Laiya, Acuaverde is managed by the same owners of the luxurious Acuatico resort next door—but with an entirely different personality. Your stay at Acuaverde will be more about nature’s beauty and the irresistible lure of the sea. This sprawling property was built around towering Tamarind trees, some of which are already a hundred years old.

Cozy, thatch-roofed rooms blend seamlessly into the resort’s lush landscape, presenting you with nature-blessed surroundings perfect for a laid-back getaway. As lovely as the resort is during the day, wait till you see it at night when the trees are all lit up - it’s breathtaking.

Contact Info

Acuaverde Beach Resort
Barangay Laiya
San Juan, Batangas

For Reservations and Inquiries:
(02) 403-1899 (02) 847-0953

Office Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays,
8am to 7pm
8am to 6pm
8am to 12nn

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