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Quezon City

The largest city is teeming with awesome foodie finds, world-renowned fitness and beauty treatments, hotel stays and more.

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About Quezon City

One of the most populous cities in the country, Quezon City is the shopping and entertainment hub Northerners prefer. One of its not kept secrets is Cubao – a hipster and art lovers paradise where the most creative souls have gathered and created the Cubao Expo – a one-stop place for the most unique and interesting finds.

Cubao’s latest addition is the Art in Island 3D Musuem where guests can take zany photographs with pop-up artwork made solely for snap-worthy moments. Those who want to go commercial have a lot to choose from: Gatewall Mall, SM Cubao and other populous shopping establishments are just within the area.

Quezon City is home to major broadcasting networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA, UNTV and RPN – all along the Timog area which is a melting pot of restaurants – from Italian and Japanese to quick local eats and fast food. A lot of hidden food gems can be found in hole-in-the-wall restaurants you might miss if you drive by too quickly.

With the increasing population in the area and things to do – investors have found it worthwhile to open luxury hotels located a short ride away from Quezon City’s busiest shopping malls and eateries. Now those who stay in the North get more options when it comes to high-end stays in the area.

Quezon City is also home to major schools and universities such as Ateneo de Manila and the University of the Philippines, thus spurring the on the development of Maginhawa into a festival for foodies who now have more than enough delicious things to choose from in this fast-developing food hub.

Quezon City may not be as elegant or modern as the metro’s other cities, but what it possesses is a busy charm that captures the spirit and imagination of local talent and culture.