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This laidback city offers fun and entertainment for all: date nights, hip dining establishments, and chic hotel stays.

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About Muntinlupa

The place where local Southerners head home to is Muntinlupa, also known as the Emerald City of the Philippines as it’s bordered by quick-developing cities such as Taguig, Laguna, and Cavite and thus serves as the central gateway to them all.

Muntinlupa is comprised of 10 Barangays but the most renowned one by far is Ayala Alabang. This bustling city center is home to the largest shopping, eating and entertainment hubs as well as one of the premier residential neighborhoods in the country where many of the country’s elite have taken residence. Posh, quiet and and with a beautiful natural landscape not often found in other parts of the metro – it’s the ideal community to return to after a busy day.

Ayala Alabang’s Country Club boasts one of the most challenging greens in the country, with a layout to enthrall even the most avid golfer. Those who don’t already reside here often visit during the weekends just to relax, so though the club is private, memberships are still coveted by non-residents.

Weekends often mean the opening of specially-curated markets peddling handmade and homemade products from residents of the South – crowds flock here especially for the St. James Bazaar that takes place near the holidays.

For a laid back stay there are a number of cozy and stylish boutique hotels in the area where you can even find partner nail and hair salons within the premises. Shoppers will find themselves strolling in and around Alabang Town Center- the biggest shopping establishment in the South.

Foodies should head to the Molito Lifestyle Center where new and crave-worthy restaurants have set up shop. But if all you want to do is look around and take the fresh air in, you’ll find this haven is home to even birds and wildlife.