How Can We Help You?

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How much are Deal Grocer's gift vouchers?

  • Deal Grocer’s elegantly wrapped and personalized Gift Vouchers are priced at ₱20 per gift voucher. We offer FREE SHIPPING within Metro Manila for the first few customers who buy gift vouchers. We suggest you take advantage and be an early adapter: buy as early as NOW.

Can I pick up the gift vouchers at a certain location instead of having them delivered?

  • No. Deal Grocer Gift Vouchers are meant to be conveniently delivered to your chosen Metro Manila address/addresses.

Can I edit the recipient’s name after finishing the transaction?

  • No. As soon as you’ve completed your transaction, your order for a gift voucher will already be processed for production. (We’re sure you understand that we have lead times and processes in place, to do everything we can so that your gift vouchers are sent on time.)

If shipping did not arrive with 2-3 working days, should we call Deal Grocer?

  • Call us at 0917-5GROCER or email at That way, we can help track your shipping in a more prompt and detailed manner.

Can I replace a previously bought coupon with a gift voucher?

  • No. The gift voucher feature only applies to currently live deals on site. Also, since gift vouchers are paid for during the Check Out process, you can only use this feature as you are buying a deal.

How can I track my order?

  • If your order has not arrived within the time frame given (2-3 working days), we can help you track your order. Please call Deal Grocer at 0917-5GROCER or send an email to

What if I'm not physically present to receive the vouchers?

  • You will be asked to nominate an authorized representative who can receive the vouchers on your behalf when filling up the details of your order. Please make sure to include the contact number as well.

What if I have not decided whom to give the voucher to, or if I want to give it as a prize? Can I just leave the fields for the first and last name blank?

  • Yes, if you leave the fields blank, our system will automatically name the recipient of the gift voucher as “Bearer”. Gift vouchers be redeemed by the person in possession of it.

I just received a gift voucher, how do I redeem it?

  • Before redeeming your voucher, kindly review the Terms & Conditions stated at the back. Upon redemption, present the gift voucher together with a valid ID.